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I was asked a question by Jan,one of the readers of our blog,  who has decided to start growing her own food.  Her and her husband have some health issues as I had.  So Jan asked us  some very specific questions about growing food using the food4wealth system.   They like the Food4Wealth system, for organic vegetable gardening for themselves.


Growing food for sale is not their ideal.

First Jan , I want to thank you for sharing your challenges!  There are lots of people who are looking to improve their health by eating right.  I am one of them myself!    I was put on a heart transplant list, but since switching to Vegetarian, my health has improved to where I will not need a heart transplant.   The Hippocrates quote:  “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” is perfect.  The more we eat healthy, the healthier we become also.  Good clean water, Clean natural or organic food, exercise, proper breathing and of course a great mindset (attitude) are all critical to a healthy, happy life.

I hope and pray that you will continue to grow healthier every day!  The Food4wealth system works great for my wife and I.  We put up a greenhouse this year due to the extreme conditions here in Colorado at 7,000 feet elevation.

I am thinking that you will be dealing with the heat as you shared that your season for growing by seed is coming close to the time line to start quickly.

Getting Organic Seeds

Johnny’s Seed sells non-gmo, Organic and Heirloom seeds also.  They were selling some seeds from a company that was purchased by Monsanto. I was told by a supplier of mine, that they discontinued that line due to lack of trust for anything that Monsanto makes. I have not seen it in writing or read it myself so it is hearsay evidence at best at this point.

We have never grown using Bonnie Plants.  I see that they have been around since 1918. Looking at their site, they do have the following  statement:

“Committed to green gardening, we provide eco-friendly gardening products that are safe for the environment and easy to use. Our biodegradable peat pots and fiber pots have already prevented millions of pounds of plastic from entering landfills. Our commitment starts at our headquarters in Alabama, where we employ green growing practices such as sustainable energy production, reuse, and recycling.”

That is a good statement, so I hope that you are using their product.  I will contact them to follow up with an interview and write a post about them afterwords.   Monsanto did purchase Seminis,   Seminis is said to produce 40% of the fruit and vegetable seeds in the US.

Purchase seeds from someone you know is a good practice.

If you can go to a local hydroponics shop or nursery, they usually have access and sell Organic and heirloom seeds.  Just make sure that you verify that the seed packages have the USDA Organic label on the packages.  Burpee seeds also sell organic vegetable seeds.  Some of your local stores may even carry the seed that you are looking for.

I am amazed at how much information that you have gathered, and are sharing.  If I do not know the producer of the seeds, or someone who has been growing with them for years, I do not use them.

I always look for the USDA certified organic seeds, but I continue to read about new exceptions for different additives or food preparation standards that the USDA is allowing. Somewhat concerning for the “Organic” label.

Are they all bad for the consumer?  I do not know, but with my life on the line, I want to read the scientific data and talk to my brother who is a chemical engineer.  If I hear of a chemical that is not naturally occurring, I do not use it.

Alternative Growing Choices


Since you are having a bit of a time getting started,

  • Can you start growing in containers?

You do not necessarily have to start with a 15X15 food garden.  Since you want to get started right away, can you make a smaller bed and then plant what you have.

  • What does your health allow you to do?
  • Are there activities that keep you from digging in the soil?
  • Do you have any relatives who could help you with the labor in exchange for some goodies at harvest?


For your Compost, horse manure is great.  Add your table scraps, no meat, and get some worms to help with the process.  Make sure that the compost bin is covered and reaches a temperature of 104 degrees F.   But you do not want the temperature to go above 149 degrees F.   That will cause the micro-organisms to die.

Using good soil, good water, good seeds as well as learning from your neighbors and local nursery you will continue to learn as you grow.

Composting Temperature Resource:
This is an easy to understand explanation for you.

As long as you are making progress, just keep learning and growing!   Using Jonathan White’s system is a great start.  You can also ask the local feed stores or nursery’s what and who is growing what you want to eat and grow.  Thank you for asking questions, and I know I have not answered all of your questions yet.  Please get back to me on any item that you need clarification on.   If I do not know, I know who to ask for help.  My Wife, business partner and I love to help others.  We were created to help one another and It is a joy to do so.


You are doing a great job.  Vegan and Gluten-free is a great way to get back to being healthy.  Do not forget about your water though.  Clean, healthy water is important.
Looking forward to helping you reach your health goals through good, Organic, Food!

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