Homesteading: Preparing to live an abundant Life

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Homesteading brings to mind visions of an abundant life full of nature, animals, family, and many new friends and neighbors. A simple life that also challenges your ability to adapt, observe nature and learn how to live in an environment full of challenges.

Sustainable Homes and Permaculture Principles

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Sustainable Homes and permaculture principles go hand in hand. As many people are looking to sustainability and the environment for a more peaceful life, Permaculture (permanent culture) principles simplify the creation of a sustainable home.

Permaculture Principles, Share the Surplus, Care for the Earth

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Permaculture Principles, Share the surplus or limit consumption? The definition by some practitioners of permaculture state 3 principles, they are usually stated as Care for the Earth, the People and the Future. I have used the principles and steps in this book that we just published to survive a death sentence of congestive heart failure. It is by getting back to living a life that is full of Gratitude, great nutrition and a community that enjoys the responsibility of taking care of Creation that has made a huge difference in my health and life.

Water Line and Reservoir in the Ground!

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Waterline and reservoir in the ground, Finally!!!   As we shared before, we needed to bury the waterline at least eight (8) feet deep to keep the waterlines from freezing on the farm.  Good thing we had an old backhoe!!!   We had some challenges, but were able to just keep moving forward. Here are a few… Read more »