A sustainable luxury estate can also be your own sustainable sanctuary. Here you can invite your family and friends into your private sanctuary. One that can be maintained easily within your budget. Your estate can actually pay for itself over time with proper planning and a strategic plan.

Weltevrede Wine Estate

You can share your Private Estate with people who are your business partners or your best clients. You can use the estate to bring friends and family for a relaxing weekend or for special “family” events.

Many Luxury Estates are used for weddings, family reunions and other celebrations. Hollywood has paid many luxury estate owner large sums of money to film on them. Imagine the Special events that you will have at your own Luxury Estate!

What is Required for creating a Luxurious Estate?


You need a complete overall plan for your luxury estate, coupled with specific tailored system plans to create a sustainable, low maintenance home.  Once finalized, you will need on-site inspections and done for you services, completed by professionals .  A comprehensive plan to encompass all of the attributes that you look for when you go to relax and unwind from your busy life.

To successfully create your own sustainable estate, at a minimum you  will have considered all of these items:

  • Setting up and managing your food production systems.

  • Planning  where to build and what systems work to create your sustainable ecosystem.

  • Energy production system such as solar, wind or water or alternative fuels.

  • Systems for your  energy efficient home.

  • Creating and  managing water, Sewage and composting systems.

  • Setting up and managing a Caretaker for the property to give you freedom from day to day tasks.

  • Planning and implementation of Security such as property, fire and storm mitigation.

As a Native American, I have learned that those who have a strong relationship with the land in their care, that land provides a higher yield.  Our ancestors have thousands of years of wisdom that they have gifted us over time.   That is our purpose, our  business specializes in creating custom ecosystems with sustainability and the environment in mind. These custom ecosystems come in a variety of different forms such as sustainable homes, large estates, island paradises and sustainable landscapes.

When you look up the word “Permaculture”, you will discover it encompasses all aspects of living in harmony with the land and each other.  After all, we are all connected.

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Creating a Legacy


Create a legacy in trust for your family that lasts generations.  Many families have created their estates to continue on for generations as their legacy. The Carnegie legacy of philanthropy is well documented and known.   Starting in 1901, Mr. Carnegie has created a legacy that will last many generations.

What is the legacy, as well as the lifestyle that you want to create?  It is all possible when you use the permaculture principles the encompass a Sustainable Sanctuary Estate.

Imagine the life that you want to live, the Legacy that you want to create for yourself and your family.  What makes you smile every time you think about your own Private Sanctuary?  The Beauty, the laughter and the company of your friends and family.

Other Private Sanctuaries

Here are some pictures of different Sustainable Sanctuaries to give you an Idea of what is possible.
Imagine waking up, walking out to your bedroom deck and enjoying the sunrise!

"Kittitian Hill": Offrez-vous un coin de Paradis! / Buy a Piece of Paradise!

Starting your day by enjoying the morning with family and looking at the views that surround you and your private sustainable sanctuary. Knowing that this home, will continue as your legacy for generations.

Your family and friends pull up to your property in their boat or in a float plane. Dock and immediately are relaxed as the tension and stress melt away.

Huletts Landing, NY (Upstate New York Real Estate) Luxury Real Estate- SOLD for $977,000 by Concierge Auctions and Select Sotheby's International Realty

You can have your own sustainable sanctuary. One that pays for itself when you plan ahead and build your own customized sanctuary.

Our former clients


As a Caretaker of many different properties, I have been able to help many  others create their dream home.  For Jim and Mary, it was just less than a year to help them complete their sustainable sanctuary.and maintain their dream.

 From Farms to Islands, Large estates to smaller “Island Getaways”,  everyone has their dream for a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of city life and work.

Jill’s house on the North End of Blakely was a great older Peaceful home.  Imagine, from the comfort of your own bed, pushing a button and have your home rotate so that you can enjoy  the sunrise while staying warm and comfortable.  Then as the sunset, you can rotate the home to the exact location to enjoy the setting sun from wherever you would like to watch from the deck that surrounded the house completely.  The design was so well thought out, that maintenance was easy and inexpensive.  But The View from every room was easy to change with just the touch of a button.

Another homeowner on Blakely that I met and helped was Bill.  His home, right on the water, allowed him to land on the water and taxi to his beach.  With a 6 passenger Float plane, he was able to explore the San Juan Islands as well as Canada to the West and North.  The Garden is full of fruit trees and produced many of the vegetables that he loved to pick and add to his family’s menu that day.  Fresh fish caught during the day became a treat much of the time he spent on the island.

Sustainable Home

Ginni Keith, has become a well known Singer and musician in the San Juan Islands, and due to the “Magical Properties” of her sanctuary, she continues to delight and brighten many peoples lives.  It is the Peaceful Lifestyle that provides the slower pace which brings about a fulfilled life.

There are others who make Blakely island their home sanctuary.  But there are islands and properties all over the world  that can provide you with your own personal “Private Sanctuary”.

While learning from my experiences on Blakely Island, a private thoroughbred breeding farm as well as other luxury estates, I have learned how to create an estate that will meet and exceed your expectations for your sustainable sanctuary home.

Using the  Native American teachings, we help you create a calmer, more enjoyable estate.   It is in this way that more and more families are learning how to live a Sustainable life.  Creating the Sanctuary that they have longed for.

Sustainability in a private sanctuary that lasts for generations.  Are you dreaming of Your Private Sanctuary?  Are you preparing to build your Sustainable Luxury Estate?

Discover how your personal Sustainable Sanctuary could soon become part of your daily life.

It can be an overwhelming task if you have not designed or built a sustainable sanctuary before. Now is the time to plan for your legacy.