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Garden tractor is a small to medium sized tractor. It has the ability to operate a large number of attachments to increase productivity.

Plastic Laying Machine

It is easily maintained and repaired if need be. It can have a diesel or gas engine. A garden tractor has a three point hitch controlled by a PTO (power take off) for use in lowering a raising an implement in the back.


A garden tractor has the ability to pull trailers as well as provide the power to :

  • Drill fence post holes
  • Grade roads
  • Rototill garden
  • Move materials
  • Unload trucks
  • Load trucks
  • Disc fields
  • Generate electricity with a generator attachment
  • Pull equipment and cars from ditches
  • Plow fields and garden plots
  • Provide for fire mitigation
  • Pump water
  • Remove snow in the winter
  • Dig ditches with a backhoe attachment


Garden tractors provide the ability to multiply your efforts while saving your body from injury. As you master one implement, learn another application. Take action in using the tractor. Take action in maintaining your tractor. Keep it clean and running efficiently.

A garden tractor can also be abused. It can overturn on you if you overtax its abilities of lifting and turning too sharply. Read the manual and know the limits of the tractors abilities.

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