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Green manure is manure that is produced from plants rather than from animals. Organic farmers will usually grow a crop for specific period of time then it will be plowed under to incorporate into the soil. Usually this takes place while the plants are still green or shortly after they are flowering. Green manure is essential for sustainability because of its use in annual cropping systems.

Green Manure Benefits

Organic pest control – Green manure makes a strong soil that repels unwanted pests in the soil.

Erosion prevention – keeping the soil from being blown away in a high wind storm. It also prevents soil erosion during rain storms.

Organic weed control – Green manure crops fill the soil so that weeds can’t grow. For example, buckwheat is used as a smoother plant which will kill most weeds.

Prevention of disease – Green manure crops build the immune strength of the soil, helping disease prevention.

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