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There are two basic styles of growing food and living life.

Sustainable living is the way of growing food and products that works with nature to produce more while wasting less. It is a long term way of living life that helps create land and keeps the water clean over time. Profits are achieved over time rather than instantaneously. It is in opposition to high yield crop production.


High Yield Crop production is the way of growing food that uses chemistry and science. Its purpose is getting the most food out of the land in the shortest amount of time to make the most money. The health of the land and the quality of the food is not the most important part of this type of growing. Cheap food that can be sold inexpensively to a larger market of people is the goal. Profit with continued growth is the purpose of this type of living.


What areas do we consider when we talk about sustainable living?


  • Energy which is produced in many ways, and it can add make life easier for all of us. Depending upon the way it is produced, it can also be hazardous to your health.
  • Land is the foundation for the way we live our lives. There is a limited amount of land so we need to protect it from pollution.
  • Water is one of the most important basics for life. Without good clean water, we will not survive long.
  • Food is the fuel for our bodies as well as all living things on the earth. The quality of the food we eat and the balance of the minerals, vitamins and nutrients determines how much food we need to eat to be healthy.
  • Waste is all of the stuff that we throw away or our bodies get rid of that we do not use. When we use too much stuff that we really do not need, it can become pollution.
  • Homes are our shelter, how and where we get out of the storms and weather, and keep our stuff so that we can live comfortably with our family and friends.
  • Transportation is the fancy word for how we get from place to place. It also is how things are brought to us and our homes.

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