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There are many reasons why leaves may turn yellow. This usually indicates that the tomato plant is under distress and is asking for attention.
119 Tomato 01.15.08

Below are a list of reason that the leaves on your tomato plant leaves might turn yellow

  • Your plants may have fusarium wilt or verticillium wilt.
  • Your tomato may have Foliar leaf damage which is caused by a viruses and bacteria. Some signs that this was caused by bacteria/viruses is that you will see small dark spots on the yellow parts of the leaves.
    regular tomato yellow leaves brown spots
  • Damage caused by insects such as aphids or spider mites.

    Aphid farm
    Aphid farm.
    A Spider Mite
    Tetranychidae - Spider Mite
  • Nutrient problems
  • Tobacco mosaic virus
  • Nematodes
  • The your tomato plants leaves are too wet
  • The your tomato plants leaves are too dry

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