Are You Interested in Growing Organic Food? A Food 4 Review

The Food4Wealth product is the leading information product for new Do It Yourself families and Retirees who want to grow their own food.  The motivation is simple!  Higher cost of food, lower nutritional quality and the security of food around the world!


Just Starting June 2012 7,000 ft elevation


End of August, We have been eating for over 1 month! Great food, plenty to share!

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Food 4 Wealth table of contents

  1. Dimensions and Site Selection
  2. Construction of the Food4Wealth Plot
  3. Composting
  4. Planting and Propagation
  5. Care of your Food4Wealth plot
  6. Top 10 Plants
  7. Seasons
  8. Mini Food4Weatlh plot
  9. Food4Wealth Fruit Farm
  10. Summary
  11. Quick Reference Guide

The book is easy to follow and you can take action for your garden the same day!

You might like this product if:

  • You are a new gardener and want to learn a simpler way
  • You thought that vegetable gardens would be expensive
  • You do not like to weed your garden very much
  • You want to learn how to grow organically
  • You are growing a garden for yourself and your family
  • You want to grow a garden with less work and a higher yield
  • You want to eat healthier food
  • You may want to sell your excess or even scale your garden up and sell more!

This product might not be for you if:

  • You are a professional farmer/Gardener who grows large sections of the same crop
  • You are eating healthy, and you are already an expert
  • You enjoy the time “Digging in the Dirt” and the growth flow of a “traditional garden”.
  • You are looking to grow trees and other landscape plants
  • You already barter or purchase your organic vegetables from a farm or garden that you know and trust

Even though Heather and I had grown gardens for many years in all sorts of environments, we are always learning and trying new things.  If you enjoy new challenges and learning new things from other gardeners and friends, this system is for you.  It continues to be fun for me!

What I liked about this product

  • The book itself was short and gave great instruction on what worked for Jonathan and others
  • Low cost of starting this system especially in harsh environments
  • The easy to follow project plan that came with the system
  • The videos that shows the plan in action where short and sweet
  • The flexibility to use what I had on hand to get it going!  We purchased a mini green house, and we spent less than $200, $100 of which was the small greenhouse!


What I did not like about the product.

  • I got lost in the beginning on how to connect with Jonathan
  • I would like to have had a members area
  • Each video started with the same introduction.  I am a bit impatient and just wanted to get to the information.  My bad

Also there was a lack of a strong customer or member forum site, which made me think for myself. It is a guide, but that is also one of the things I like to do myself, is experiment, especially since I grow at 7000 feet altitude. We also grew a Food4Weatlh garden at 7,500 feet!

What other People Liked about Food 4 Wealth

Hi Jonathan
Your information has been very inspiring and working with land is so easy that most of the time you spent lying in the garden and enjoying the moment. I never understood all spiritual masters talking about abundance, but now I can “see” it too. Thank You
Aldas, USA

Dear Jonathan
It (Food4wealth) is especially critical to those of us in the USA, to know how to grow some of our own food. Your eBook and video’s are wonderful tools!
Sincerely yours
Wendy C, USA

Dear Jonathan
I love what you are doing, teaching people to grow their own food, we all need to take this very seriously.
Bev Bailey, South Africa

Dear Jonathan
Have bought and downloaded and printed out your book.  It is so very easy to read and understand, and the Project Plan is a wonderful idea for quick reference. Congratulations on an excellent publication.
Wendy, UK

Things that others did not particularly like:

Thomas shared this: * Another thing that is annoying is the sound volume in the videos, which are blown up when the jingles are played, and turned down when he speaks. And there are many jingles in the videos. It would be nice to get the volume normalized through an entire video, so you don’t have to turn the volume up and down all the time. His “studio” seems quite small and it would be nice to see more space around him. It seems crammed.

Another Remark: The Use of railroad ties is not an option where I am at because of the tar and other inorganic contaminants that are used in treating them.   –Thomas

Final Thoughts!

Every one of the reviews gave many reasons as to why they recommended this product to purchase.  Our own results made us believers and we will continue to grow this way, as well as recommend it to you.  After being evaluated for a heat transplant, I changed my eating habits, and the Food4Weatlh system has been one major aspect of my heart muscle growing stronger.

A modern method that teaches the natural science that Native people have known for many centuries.  An educational product that works and can be placed into action starting the day you download it!  Want to be healthy, wealthy and wise?  I also recently spoke to Jonathan the creator of Food4Wealth.  He is now sending out monthly video newsletters and is using the comments section as a way for people who are using this system to communicate and share information and tips!

Grow the Food4Wealth way!


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