Why Has My Ghost Pepper Plant Stopped Growing?

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My good friend asked me why his ghost pepper plant stopped growing?  This is a great question, considering all that this particular plant has gone through in its short life to date.    Here are some facts about him and his plant. It was started in northern California The start was then transported to North Hollywood… Read more »

How Do I Grow My Ghost Pepper Successfully?

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“How do I grow my ghost pepper successfully?  My business partner David, received a Ghost Pepper plant as a gift, and asked me that question. The plant was given as a start, and had about 4 or 5 inches of growth so starting the plant was not a concern.  He lives in southern California where… Read more »

How To Germinate Ghost Pepper Seeds?

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Watch on Youtube Download Audio for How To Germinate Ghost Pepper Seeds To germinate properly, ghost pepper plants require moderately moist soil between 75 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and full sun. The plants require regular watering; soil should never dry out entirely or become soggy. The germination process for ghost pepper plants can last as… Read more »

Ghost Pepper From where did you come?

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Ghost Pepper, ghost pepper from where did you come?  This may sound like a child’s rhyme or taunt, but there is reason to verify where and how the “New Hottest Pepper in the World” came into existence. Remember, We are speaking of Organic, non-GMO plants for our gardens.  Hybrids that are grown by cross breeding… Read more »