How to Live the Life You Want -Really

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When you decided on the life you wanted to live, did you plan for it, or did it just happen? For me, I excelled in working with horses and on farms when I was in Jr. High and High School. I was content.

Turning Manure into Profitable Compost?

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What Bedding Material is Best for Horse Stalls and Composting? I started working with horses in 1968, and we always looked at what works best for horse stalls as the material composts.  It can be a mess to choose what to use, and how to make it pay in compost, as bedding can be expensive…. Read more »

Why can’t I seem to get my horse to come to me?

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You know what it is like, you buy a horse, take great care to ensure it has everything that it needs to be healthy, but the horse still refuses to come to you. So there you are, running around the paddock to corner the horse so you can “catch” it to go for a ride and ‘enjoy ” the western experience.