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Before I share on how to grow green onions,  I would like to share WHY to eat green onions.

Green Onions  are traditionally used to :

  • Lower blood sugar
  • Decrease high cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  • Reduce the risk of developing colon and other cancers
  • Reduce inflammation

Green onions have an almost unlimited amount of uses and are very easy to grow. Green onions can be grown from sets or you can start them from seeds. Green onions are used in salads, tacos, used on potatoes, but I prefer to eat them whole!

I have to confess, I have to plant extra green onions so that I can test their flavor while as they grow.  I take them out of the ground, remove the small root end, then peel off the outer layer and eat them to ensure a great flavor.

Another advantage of green onions is that they are fairly easy to grow, and they are not as susceptible to pests or fungus as long as you rotate your crops and pay attention to the small details of good garden hygiene.

Bunching onions, we call them green onions, are actually immature onions that are harvested before the bulb matures. The green onion features a dark green stem (also called scallions) and a white bulb with roots. Both parts of the onion are edible.

There are several different kinds of green onion including, ‘Parade’, ‘Red Baron’  and ‘Evergreen Long White’ are three varieties.

Steps to growing green onions

Plant onion seeds as soon as the soil is workable in the spring. Onion seeds germinate at soil temperatures  between 65° F and 86° F. I start some in my house before then, as like I told you earlier, I like green onions.

Sow and cover seed with about  ½” of organic soil and keep moist. Seeds can be started indoors 6-8 weeks prior to planting, or year round if you are growing some in containers indoors.  They can be set in the garden about 1-1½” apart. To plant onions sets, simply press sets into the soil about 2″ apart.

Onions benefit from full sun, with soil that drains well.  You do not want to drown them, they do not swim well. They like plenty of premium compost. Feed during the growing season to ensure proper nutrition.

Once your green onions have sprouted and  become well established, they are pretty easy to take care of.  Green onions generally need about one inch of water per week,and if you are like me, you may opt in to using soaker hoses or drip irrigation depending upon how and where you have them planted.

We also use mulch and compost around the plant to keep the soil moist longer, as well as keep the weeding down to a minimum.  If you choose to use a soaker hose  or drip irrigation, keep the soil moist, but not real wet.

You can use the soil finger technique to test your soil:

  • Stick your finger in the soil down to the second knuckle near the green onion plan.
  • If the soil feels moist there is no need to water.
  • If the soil feels dry go ahead and water well.
  • Test once a week depending on how much rainfall you have received.

Green onions can also be grown successfully in containers. That is a wonderful thing for those of us who need the extra help for our health, and taste buds.  However, soil in containers can dry out quickly during very hot summer temperatures, so you may need to water them up to three times per day if you do not get the water you need from rain.

Harvest Time!

If you want to be growing green onions longer , use what you already have growing as a base to grow more.

I picked up this trick from my grandma:  After you pull the onions up, cut off the stem 2 inches above the root and replant it in the soil while you are still in the garden.  Water them in, then finish preparing the rest of the green onions as you usually do.  This saves time, and grandma never new that about 10 percent of the green onions I harvested never made it to the kitchen.

So I would love to hear your stories and see your pictures of your garden, as well as answering any questions that you may have.

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