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Here are some of the things that a good Permaculture course will address in their course:

How to Choos a Permaculture Course

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• Building design, as well as integration between buildings and environment
• Agroforestry, how to maintain the forest and the ecosystem
• Site analysis, design and protection of the assests on the site.
• Drylands gardening principles
• Ecosystem restoration
• Philosophy and ethics of Permaculture and how to implement a plans and systems
• Regeneration of the local community economics
• Protection and growing of soils and erosion control
• How to implement water harvesting in arid regions
• How and why to create invisible structures

As consumers and providers of services and products realize that we need to keep our environment healthy for us to become healthy again also. This basically means that consumer expectations, government regulations and economic realities will eventually make sustainable business operations all but mandatory.
There are many areas of a good permaculture course that are not covered here. Look at your dreams and visions, see how they affect the entire ecosystem, including people, places, animals, water, and everything else around you. Does it may a positive impact? Does it heal or destroy that which flourishes in your environment?

I first started studying permaculture while I was still in the navy. I was on submarines, since the environment was autonomous to itself while underway, we maintained our environment 100 percent of the time.

If too much broccoli was consumed in the beginning of the patrol, the CO2 scrubbers had to work overtime. If we worked a lot harder during the course of our job, the oxygen consumption increased for each person on board. Thus we had to create more oxygen using the O2 generators.

Everything that came into the boat or left it was our responsibility. We were the controls for all of the proper operation and maintenance of the internal organs which allowed that entity, to not only survive, but to also allow us to return and see the Sunshine and Fresh air after we came back from a patrol.

Submarine qualification is itself a long practical study of permaculture in action. A long black body of steel muscle, fueled by Sweat, muscle, systems and abilities to know and keep it functioning to fulfill its purpose. Each person on board work together to ensure the completion of the mission and to come home safely with everything working as it should.

The reason I tell you this is for you to understand that we as a caretakers of this planet have the same responsibility. To be the Caretakers of our environment. To look at our lives and to help one another to improve the environments that we are in, as well as heal the environments that we inherit when we are given responsibility for them.

I would like to share a poem that I wrote 25 years ago:
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The Garden by Chris Downs, the Caretaker

A Garden is not just a piece of ground, it is all we see, all around. The air we breath, the soil we till, the beginning and end of where ever we go. What do we leave for the next ones who come? A mess or an Eden it is our choice everyone. We can move mountains with our faith and our thoughts, we speak to each other but do we think before so or not? The most powerful weapon and soothing device, is the tongue in our heads, is it a blessing or vice?
Choose wisely the steps that you take, for it is the Permaculture Course of life that we take.

I thank you for letting me share why I am so passionate about permaculture. The best permaculture course that you can take in my opinion, is a daily decision and a life of learning, seeking, loving and sharing with all of your surroundings.
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PS, Together, we can make a difference as Chief Robert TallTree and Terrie TallTree remind me daily. Permaculture is about balance, Robert and Terrie TallTree have a course that I recommend to help you learn and focus on balance as you embark on your permaculture course.

Their teaching is called Three Arrows of Power, The Four Brothers. I have taken it, and it helps me to stay focused on balance in my personal training, I highly recommend it.

Turning Dreams into the Life of Your Dreams

Chris Downs —– The Caretaker