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Permaculture started out as two words , Permanent and Culture.  It was shortened to Permaculture for the purpose of making life easier for people, like me, who tend to shorten words and “Slang” it into a new creature.

I was flying home Monday, and I met a young man who shared that he was a Horticulture student that also worked in an Organic Grocery Store in California. His Concern was that the big food companies like Monsanto who use GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) were taking over the world food supply. During the next 5 minutes, he shared his story and his fears. He told me that he believed that Organic food was going to disappear and we would have no choice except to accept the inevitable of living shorter lives, increased medical bills because of that fact.

Permaculture Course lesson

I had to stop him when he informed me of what he told me our fate was. There is NO One that can tell us that we cannot grow our own food and live the life that we choose, as long as it is lived with love and service.

Mindset is one of the most important aspects of any Permaculture. Remember, You are Totally Awesome and you just cannot help it, because that is the way God Created you, in HIS Image! Permanent Cultures, have a strong base of community.

They have to, or they do no remain permanent.

I want you to think of everything that you see around you.

  • Now expand your vision, similar to making the map in google map go from your neighborhood, all the way to seeing the planet from the space station.
  • What do you see? From space what does earth look like?
  • It is a beautiful blue,green, white and gray ball, spinning around completely every twenty four hours.
  • Where is not anything on it or in it that does not affect someone or something else.
  • Without the trees, where do the birds live?
  • Without the Ocean, where do the fish, whales and coral move to?
  • How can we live in a world that is absent of these things?
  • When you look at our cities what happens to the vacant lots when they become abandoned?
  • What do you eat if there is no vegetation? No Flora or Fauna?
  • Do you hear the birds singing their songs of Love and joy?
  • How about their calls of warning, but most importantly, their calls of praise and thanksgiving for all that belongs to them! They are created and live a life free from doubt.
  • Can you be you without the challenges that you have faced?
  • We are all created for a purpose and a passion breathed into us when we were conceived.
  • What is in your heart and burning in your mind for you to accomplish? Can you truly accomplish it on your own? I can’t nor would I want to.

In the bible, GOD Creates the Heavens and the Earth, fills it with wonderful magical beings, Including man. You and I have been created to be caretakers of this world and each other. What an awesome thing it is, and it is all created by Speaking.

The Book of Genesis is the Permaculture course that we were given to follow. We as caretakers were created for the purpose of being good stewards of what has been created. The rest of the bible shows us the problems that we created as well as what has been changed and needs to be changed back again to become a PERMANENT CULTURE.

What are the steps toward permaculture?

  1. Follow the permaculture course that was handed down from generation to generation.
  2. Love one another as well as all of creation and manage ourselves and the land and water we live on.
  3. Wake up and see the beauty all around you and share your Joy and sing praises for all that we have been given.

If you truly want to see the freedom that comes from living a life in balance, start with your self. I want to share the teaching of Chief Robert and Terri TallTree called the 4BROTHERS. It is the wisdom of Native people, handed down from generation to generation.

You have many choices in your life, sign up now for our RSS feed and learn what a permaculture course is and how you can truly become part of the community created to live a life of Joy and Freedom.

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