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Have you heard of Tilapia Aquaculture?  I am amazed at how fast this has been growing as a species for fast food production.   We were at our local Organic Grocery store.  I wanted to start eating some more fish to eat healthier as my Cardiologist recommended.  But I usually do not like to eat fish, unless it is deep fried and freshly cooked.  I had heard the name tilapia before, my wife loves it.  But I was in the navy for 6 years, and lived in Hawaii for 5 years and had never heard of it before just recently.  So I asked the seafood butcher behind the counter about this fish.

He said that they only purchase organically certified Tilapia fish from reputable fish farms.  I have a friend that had his own trout farm in Colorado, but it was a lot of work so he and his wife finally sold it.
The fish counter man told us that it is a great product and has a good protein quality, and strict farming principles.

But I was still unsure.  So, we purchased some to try, well at least for me to try since my wife does eat it regularly!  But I am still a bit of a skeptic.  The fish is now being sold worldwide!  How does that effect our ecosystem, and the natural species in the areas that they are grown.  So let’s look at the pros of Tilapia Aquaculture.

Did you know that over 475 million pounds of tilapia fish last year were consumed?  More than four times the amount 10 years ago.   So what is tilapia and where did it come from?  It came from Africa, not well known, and now is the most popular farmed fish in the United States.  Why is that?

  • Raising Tilapia fish has now become the mainstay of many fish farmers around the world (both in the developed and in the developing countries alike).
  • Tilapia fish is also a quite popular fish for use on aquaculture projects around the world and often recommended to poor fish farmers in the developing world as a fish to raise on their fish farm.
  • Tilapia Fish Farming is highly recommended and profitable for the fish farmer
  • Fishery experts around the world have dubbed tilapia as the “aquatic chicken” claiming it possesses many positive attributes that suit the fish for a varied range of fish farming systems.
  • Strong & Flexible Fish
  • Strong Immune System
  • Ability To Grow Rapidly
  • Fast Breeding
  • Ease of Handling
  • Wide Acceptance Of Tilapia As Food Fish.
  • Great Business Opportunities for farmers as well as everyone else involved in feeding the world.

It is not just the Tilapia fish farmer that wins in this endeavor.  If you will go to, you can find all sorts of information and business opportunities yourself.  There are books, courses, tools as well as cross use of tilapia waste for use in running and fertilizing hydroponic system for vegetables and other produce!

Tilapia is being introduced into more and more areas of our planet, to be farmed in tanks and specialized farms.

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Great Business Opportunities

Raising Tilapia Fish has a viable market in all economies whether it is first, second, or third world.Tilapia fish farmers have a cash-generating crop that can be sold in their local food market and /or internationally.

The demand for tilapia is pretty high. If you are a fish farmer you want to grow fish that people will buy in volume.

The U.S. is the wealthiest market for export and the Tilapia is the fastest growing imported fish in the U.S.

According to Restaurant Magazine, “Tilapia is the #2 fish on U.S. restaurant menus and has grown more than 50% in each of the last 3 years”

Last year, more than 52 million pounds of fresh tilapia were exported to the United States, mostly from Latin America, as well as 422 million more pounds of frozen tilapia, both whole and fillet, nearly all from China, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

The European Union is also a lucrative export market for tilapia

U.S. and European demand for tilapia is steadily increasing and the market for value-added tilapia fish products such as frozen fillets and prepared/prepackaged foods is growing even faster.

In addition, the market price for tilapia has been stable or increasing over the last several years as compared to other fish. Market prices for salmon, for example, have declined more than 50% in the last few years.


So Tilapia Appears to be a Great solution for our food requirements.  It is a white fish,  easy to grow on farms.  It is delicious and profitable for all of the industries involved in the supply and demand cycle of business.  Will there be a plateau to be reached in the production of Tilapia Aquaculture?  Hard to say now, because of the continued increase of people living on this planet.


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