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Sustainable Gardening is popular because it is a basic life-supporting system; It covers the Air/Water/Soil and everything that is a part of the environment.

There has been a disconnect between us as humans and the world we live in. We need healthy soil, water, air and food (fuel). Most people do not even know how the food they eat is delivered to them! When I first went in to the Navy in 1974, I got to see how the food was cooked and delivered to the kitchen.

There were eggs delivered in plastic bags, and it looked like a yellowish bag of uncooked pudding. Not a very appetizing sight to say the least! I asked the cooks where did they get their food from, and of course, they just told me that it is delivered by truck. Since we had a garden since I was young, and we got to work on it yearly, I know where the produce came from. My Grandpa Windecker was a butcher, and until I went into the Navy, I had never seen any fat in hamburger meat, so I was surprised to see all of the white stuff in the meat that was brought to the kitchen.

Why is Sustainable Gardening So Popular?

One of my friends in bootcamp was from New York City, and had never left the city until boot camp. When I pointed out the difference between what we were eating, and how I had been use to eating, he looked at me like I was from outer space. He told me that his family use to buy bulk food from the restaurant food supplier, and all of the food they bought were in big cans or boxes with plastic bags inside. He was from a big family and they had their own restaurant so that made great sense.

However, he had never seen how the food was grown or raised. Meat came packaged from a truck, and vegetables came from the supplier also.

It showed me that there was a huge difference in our experience with food. The food they bought was some of the best that they could buy for a great price since it was used for a good restaurant, but not as fresh as when I got to pick it out of the garden, off the tree or when we would go in together and share the meat from a neighbors cow.

Our ability to live healthy depends upon our Sustainable Gardens and Farms. But what does our food production depend on? Clean air, water, soil and the entire surrounding environment. In nature, food grows as part of a complete system this includes many biological members. They all interact with each other, and include mostly plants, animals, bacteria, chemistry, microorganisms as well as the mini environments they live in.

They feed on each other and depend on each other to be there to thrive and survive.

Also, as a basic life-supporting system, sustainable gardening to include water, air and soil also are connected. For example, the flow of air affects rainfall and rainfall affects the flow of air. In addition, life-supporting systems are dependent on the components and vice versa. For example, soil is created by plants and plants are created by soil. In summary, components are dependent on life-supporting systems and the life-supporting systems are dependent on components. However, it gets even more complicated than that.

So here are the points of why a Sustainable Gardening System is important for your survival.

  1. How do you food your family if there is a natural disaster?
  2. It provides filtering of different items from our air and water
  3. How do you provide for more seeds?
  4. Have you ever gone to the store and it’s shelves were nearly empty due to a coming storm?
  5. How long can you supply your own food and water if there was an interruption of the food supply line?

Each and every component, system and sub-system is important in running the overall ecosystem. When you disturb one, the others start to fall apart.

So what factors should you look at to become sustainable?

  • Ensure the property has a healthy environment to begin with
  • Survey the land to see what grows naturally and how your plans affect all aspects of the land
  • Is the water safe, or can it be cleaned up for humans or used as fertilizer in the garden
  • What can you plant without making a huge impact on the current environment?
  • Remember as you look at your new home, you are now part of that ecosystem.
  •  Become the Caretaker of your entire environment.
  • Manage what comes in and what leaves the land. Keep your waste recyclable.

Remember, that we as humans once lived as part of our surroundings. We took care of our surroundings, because there were
less of us to use the land. We would go from area to area and allow nature to regenerate itself from season to season. We were
also toward the top of the food chain; sometimes preyed upon, but mostly a predator. After learning how to grow stable crops,
that is when we as the two legged inhabitants started greatly changing the environment.

Because you have the knowledge and can see and understand our history of being Caretakers, we can build the Dream Life that
You desire.

The best way to know that you are growing your environment to be a Sustainable Gardening Lifestyle, you need to know if your Life is in Balance. There is a couple thousand years of knowledge passed down from generation to generation by the American
Native inhabitants.

This information has been kept intact and will help you choose the life that will allow you to make your Life Sustainable. One the keys to having a sustainable environment is self mastery and it just happens that my good friends Robert and Terri TallTree teach Self Mastery. Learn how to Master your life and your environment in a good way!

Start First with their 4 brothers which will teach you balance in your life and help you attain that balance.

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