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Ever since I could remember, I associated as the name of some smelly fish like substance instead of the end result of growing green onions.

 What Do Scallions Have To Do With Growing Green Onions?

I was very resistant to eating or event tasting scallions.  I did not like fish growing up, unless it had breading and tarter sauce.  In my experience everything else just smelled like it was moldy.  But I did and do love green onions!  They are a great food, taste great, and are easy to grow!  I have changed over the years, and I will eat fish now, but not as much as many people.  I believe all of the studies, and know people who are really healthy that eat no flesh, but do eat fish.  It amazes me how stubborn I can be if there is a misunderstanding and my mind is already made up that I do not like whatever it is.  My question has always been how do I get over the difference of the wording between getting scallions and growing green onions?  I should be a simple thing right?  Do you have children or husband or wife, who will not even try to eat something because of the same thing?

Here is the problem that I found for myself:

  • Scallions sounded to me as a bad thing
  • I continually reinforced it with incorrect thinking
  • I associated the smell and texture of a different item to the word scallions
  • I had made up my mind that I do not like scallions and I was sticking to that mindset

Even though I was told later that they were the same things, when I grew up and I was not going to attempt to prove anything else.

I am sure that you have run across someone else in the state of de-nial as I had been for many years.   The name scallions still to this day first brings a gag reflex to me even though I eat them nearly everyday.  I still mostly only refer to them as green onions though.   How do we get over our mis-conception of food and what it is and how it tastes?

Experience has taught me that information and experimentation is the best solution for me and my family.  We have the internet now, so the information age has arrived and with the use of computers, we can now have our children, or spouse, look it up themselves.  That leaves the experience portion left over. The solution to the problem is this:

  1. Have an authority give the definition.  I have included the Wikepedia definition for scallion/green onion here.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Fresh scallions tied into bundles
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
clade: Angiosperms
clade: Monocots
Order: Asparagales
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Subfamily: Allioideae
Genus: Allium
various, see text

Scallions (also known as green onions, spring onions, salad onions, green shallots, onion sticks, long onions, baby onions, precious onions, yard onions, gibbons, or syboes), are the edible plants of various Allium species, all of which are “onion-like”, having hollow green leaves and lacking a fully developed root bulb.


  1.  Experimentation.   I was given a package marked scallions with a picture of green onions on the package.  I planted them myself and grew them indoors near the kitchen window see what really popped up.  To my surprise,  up grew green onions, I mean scallions.

Knowing where you food comes from, and the quality of the soil and care taken to make sure that it is the best fuel for our bodies has been the best thing for me and my lack of being a culinary adventurer.  Try it, it should work for you.

One of the best ways to change yourself is to change your mindset.  I can attest to that from my own experiences.  I have some friends named Robert and Terri TallTree.  They are Masters at helping people overcome their fears and misconceptions that hold us back from living the life of our dreams.

They have helped me to see that I can be awake and aware of my own mindset and what to do to change it to what I need to do to reclaim my life.  I have gone through their training called the Miracle Mindshift Month.  Click on that link or paste into your browser and help either you or someone you know to be able to free themselves from misconceptions.  I highly recommend it for those also building a successful Organic Farm or Organic Garden.  Healthy mind equals a healthy business.


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