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There are many misconceptions about living a self sustainable life as well as lot of daydreaming for most people.  I remember growing up, working in the garden, moving irrigation pipe to grow food for the horses and to sell to our neighbors for their animals.

I use to dream how someday, all of this would not be necessary.

That I could just do….

what I wanted….

when I wanted to do it….

and I would not have to “work” at all.


What Are The Benefits Of Living A Self Sustainable Life?

There were always chores to do, horses to train, fences to mend and other work to do so that I could pay for the equipment I used and wanted to keep working well to cut down on the workload I currently had.  The problem I had back then, was the fact that I was not awake to the life that I enjoyed and was living.

Do you know what the benefits of living a self sustainable life are for you?  How do you know what that looks like for you?

I could ride one of our horses to work, especially in the winter, bareback, because it was warm and enjoyable to be outside with my friends coming to work with me.  That is the horses I am talking about.  At that time I took care of a boarding operation, cleaning stalls, feeding the horses when the owners were away and letting the horse whose stall I was cleaning go run around the indoor arena while I finished cleaning their stall.  I enjoyed the entire process.  I got to work with animals, met some great people and their animals during shows, as well as learned from all sorts of different horse trainers.

Sustainability as defined by Wikipedia, is the capacity to endure.

For humans, sustainability is the long-term maintenance of responsibility, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions, and encompasses the concept of stewardship or Caretaking, the responsible management of resource use. In ecology, sustainability describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time, a necessary precondition for the well-being of humans and other organisms. Long-lived and healthy wetlands and forests are examples of sustainable biological systems.

When I look at my life then, I realize that it was a sustainable life for me if I had been awake enough to see how blessed I was.  I never really thought about money, because I always had more than I wanted to spend.  I enjoyed what I did each and every day, and the only boss I really had was God and the people who were my customers.  I had the opportunity to meet great people who loved life, and the rest of the time I was working with horses.

What do you need to realize the benefits of living a self sustainable life?

Answer these questions:
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What do you envision your perfect day,

  1. What and what do you do to make a difference in the world to serve others
  2. What do you see when you wake up
  3. Who is there with you
  4. Why do you live where you live
  5. What makes you happy and brings you joy
  6. What do you do to keep your lifestyle sustainable
  7. What do your surroundings smell like
  8. What do your surroundings feel like
  9. Who works with you to help you keep your life sustainable
  10. And for all of these things, how do you show gratitude daily

Answer all of these questions, and you will know the benefits of living a self sustainable life.
I have chosen to live my life on purpose.

To live a life with direction, passion and gratitude.

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Turning your dreams into the Life Of Your Dreams

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