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Why is worm composting good for apartment dwellers?  I heard the following things about worm composting and would like to know if they are true:

  • Worm composting smells bad
  • It takes a lot of time and effort
  • It is expensive
  • There are laws against having farm animals in an apartment building
  • Worms can escape from their enclosures and infect an entire building
  • The biggest thing I heard is that worms are slimy and need lots of attention

Why is Worm Composting Good For Apartment Dwellers?

Now let me dispel some of the myths about worm composting.

  1. Worm composting will smell earthy during the process when done correctly, but will not stink.
  2. The worms do the majority of the work, so there is little effort on your part with the exception of some set-up and maintenance of the worm bins.
  3. It is not that expensive when you look at the compost that you get. Also your plants are going to love what you have done for them.  You will save money by not purchasing soil and plant feed from the local garden store.
  4. Worms are not a farm animal, they are all around you even in the city keeping the soil aerated even in the lawns and gardens in your neighborhood
  5. Worms are not very mobile, and if one escapes while feeding them with more food waste, just pick them up and place them back in the container.  They do not multiply in a sterile environment.  They need food and moisture, as well as a media to live in that allows them to move around.
  6. Worms do not need that much attention, but they do need food, water and a good clean healthy environment.  Provide that for them, and your good Organic waste will be turned into great compost for your growing flowers or vegetables.
  7. There are only four major components  to consider when you set up an indoor worm composting system:  A Container, Bedding, Waste Material and worms.

One of the other advantages of worm composting is the learning experience, as well as education of your family, friends and neighbors.  It could also start some interesting conversations with new visitors to your home!

How to choose the type of Worm Composting Bin that fits your needs?  Research basically.  There is a link to Washington State University in Whatcom county:

You can learn how to make your own worm bins inexpensively.  They even show you how to make it and how to take care of the worms and the bins.

If you are not as adventurous, you can just purchase a worm composting bin, and they usually even come with directions!  There are kitchen composting containers that look like fire hydrants.

Also, there are tumbler worm composting bins. You can purchase stackable containers that are sometimes called Worm Café’s.  All in all, there are worm composting bins that will fit your needs and your décor inside of your home or out on the deck or back yard.

If you live in the penthouse, you can even have your own rooftop garden!  In some of the larger cities like New York, there are even buses with mini-gardens on top of the bus!  The only limit to living a healthier lifestyle is your own imagination and your willingness to explore all of the possibilities.

There are many books and articles on worm composting, and if you would like to join with others who enjoy worm composting, there is a social network called vermicomposters which is composting with worms.

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  • Wow, I didn’t realize that worm composting might be feasible, even living in an apartment…you’ve got me seriously thinking about it now….my herb garden would love compost! Thanks for the info…if I have an questions as I’m doing my research on actually doing this, I know who to ask!

    • Chris

      Hi Kelly,

      There are some great ideas for small, low cost composting bins that could work for you. Let me know If I can help you pick one out. I am looking forward to see what you do to reverse STRESSED. to Reverse stressed I just spell it backwards and the eat desserts! A corny joke, if you like sweet cornbread!

      Thank you