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Change a Bill into an Income

Lots of Farms and Ranches have quite a bit of  “Material”   that they need to get rid of as waste.  Can I change a bill into extra income?  The answer of course is: YES!

However, especially if you are building your Farm or Ranch into an Organic business, you can actually turn the waste into profit!

Horse owners are always cleaning out stalls and then, depending where you are located, need to get rid of  the “Muck”.

You can use the shavings or straw “Waste” as compost, but you will have to wait for it to decompose.  Straw does not compost as fast as shavings, but not everyone wants the shavings in their garden area.

Peat Moss is a quick composting material to place in your stalls and it also provides for easier clean up and odor neutralizer.  The Urine will clump up and absorb the smell, as well as decrease your time in “Picking the stalls”

This is  a method I used on a Thoroughbred farm, and it worked very well for time and energy costs, as well as the Garden.

If you speak with your local nursery, and get certified as Organic Compost, you will also increase the value of the compost and sell it for extra income.  There are specific ways in which you can ensure that the compost that you provide will not have germinating seeds.  There are many articles and magazines that provide information on How to set up a compost bin”.  I will be writing on this aspect along with taking pictures as we grow three gardens using the Eocological Gardening protocol as taught in Food4Wealth.

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