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I have heard many different stories of lack and fear of the future because of that fear.

Look at these questions and answer for yourself what you think:

  1. Will the Sun rise in the morning?
  2. Will there be air to breath?
  3. Will you have food to eat?
  4. Will you have water to drink?
  5. Will you have the ability to dream?
  6. Do you have the strength to ask for help?
  7. Are you ready to choose your attitude/emotions and thoughts?


In a garden or on a farm, each day, week, month and year, you choose what activities that you do.  Do you work on the bills, feed the animals, tend the garden or fields that day.  These are the choices the build  sustainable living lifestyles.

You wake up and then choose to the attitude that you will share your day with.  The attitude and the way you handle your challenges and chores starts in your mind.  What is your day going to be like today.
You can be stuck in a mud hole cleaning out the culvert that got plugged from a severe storm overnight.  It was too dangerous to be out in the storm, so now you can tackle the challenges in front of you!

You get the culverts cleared, the branches and trees cleared from the road, and now you get back to your normal routine.  Life is great!  The Sun rose, the day passed and you once again get to choose what the next task and the way you perceive it, address it and enjoy it will be.


How Flying Taught  Me About Sustainable Living

I love to fly airplanes and helicopters.  I have also flown in a gyrocopter and an ultralight airplane.  The smaller aircraft were fun because they were so small compared to my 6 foot 5 inch height, that half of my body sticks out of the aircraft, if it had and enclosure.  The first part of the flight is always enjoyable, leaving the earths bonds of gravity.

Next, flying above the farm and the surrounding area, I get to enjoy a completely different view point of my life.  Everything looks neat and tidy, mostly, and I get to assess how the flow through the farm of all aspects of traffic, water and wind has changed the landscape.  I get to look into the woods and look see the animals that are enjoying their day eating and lounging in the safety of the sparse woods.  Life is Great!

Now it is time to land.  This was the most fearful part of flying for me when I started.  It was actually the reason that I started flying, to get over my fear of falling out of control.  Once I learned the skills to fly and to land safely each and every time, my fear lost its grip on me.  I still have the bit of tightness in my stomach as I go through the landing procedure each time, but I am awake and alive.  In the moment doing what I love.

Farming, Gardening and any business that you choose, or chooses you, is a passion that just seems to draw you closer. Sustainable Living there will always be things to do, decisions to make, people and animals to serve.  What is it that draws you to your passion?


My Thoughts

I wrote poem many years ago.  It reminds me of what I have been given and my responsibility to share and help:
The Garden (by Chris Downs)
A Garden is not just a piece of Ground, it is all we see all around.  It is the soil we till the air we breath.  The water we share to drink with the animals and neighbors we see.  A garden is a way of life you know, we can help it and nurture all that we encounter, we choose our words and actions to prosper.

There is abundance everywhere we see, our neighbors, our children the earth as a whole is all of ours responsibility.  Choose wisely the words you speak today, share abundance in every conversation today.
Your mindset is a way to choose the life of your dreams.  There is a Miracle Mindshift course that will keep you focused on what you would like to live. Go there now and start your Garden.

Turning Your Dreams into the Life of Your Dreams

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