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Have you been working hard on your dream and sometimes experience frustration to sustainable living goals?  I like challenges and as you know any new endeavor comes with plenty of challenges.



I have found some of these frustrations while planning and building our Sustainable Living dream.

  • Family members not understanding my passion and the time it takes
  • My single mindedness to achieve my goals can get in the way of life
  • Vendors who quote one price then add “extras” that were not part of the bid and seem unnecessary to me.
  • Government official inspections that do not remain consistent from one inspector to the next.
  • The testing for different systems that I have created and some of the components failure.
  • Discouragement from within myself.  Am I really building my dream, or someone else’s?
  • Am I making a difference to those who I want to serve and honoring God, or just going through the motions?

There are more frustrations that I have experienced, however, taking the time to get away and relax a little bit this last weekend has helped tremendously. We read the fourth chapter of Nehemiah in the old testament this Sunday.  Believe me, it made me think of my attitude and that I have the choice to stand and know that what I am doing is my passion and purpose or to give in to the naysayers that think I should get a real job.




My passion is Sustainable Living.  Living a life which helps others and allows me to be part of a community of likeminded people.  Surrounding myself and my family with others who are positive and share in the belief that we are all related.  That we can stand and make a difference in our world.

There are so many different passions to choose.  An existence of Sustainable Living continues even through major challenges.  I believe that we are Created to fulfill the purpose that we were created for. My purpose is different from yours, and both of our purposes are hopefully the passion that we have in our lives.


Nehemiah was a very cool man after Gods’ own heart.  When Jerusalem was destroyed, and there was a huge pile of rubble where the wall around the city was, he led the effort to rebuild it.  It was his passion.  There were many challenges to overcome, including threats from countries all around them.  Threats of violence and anger that they were going to rebuild anyway.  The Jews were getting tired and the tasks seemed to be never ending.  But Nehemiah  was following his Passion and Purpose as God created him for.  He was a leader who loved his life and also wanted to create sustainable living.

My Thoughts About Sustainable Living

My definition of sustainable living is a life that respects what has been created while also prospering me, my family and the community that I live in.  When we were created, we were given instructions to be caretakers of this world, this planet and all that is upon it.  We are surrounded by abundance.


So to answer my own frustration challenges from time to time I need to remember the following:

  • Not everyone will understand your purpose or passion, surround yourself with others who share a positive mindset!
  • There are others who have the same purpose, but have their own passions that compliment and enhance your own purpose and passion
  • That we need to surround ourselves with positive people who also work to make a difference
  • You need to get quotes from people who are reputable and know what they are doing.  If they are unsure, you can give them an opportunity to serve.  If something seems unnecessary, get an explanation or do not allow it,  it is your life
  • Choose wisely when doing any project, and expect challenges.  They can and will be overcome.
  • For inspectors, keep excellent records and know the rules and regulations.  Be prepared to debate with the local governments and win your argument by proper preparation if the need arises.
  •  The Biggest mindset change is to enjoy the journey with family and friends.  That is why you are building sustainable living anyway right?

The Rewards Of Living A Sustainable Life

The rewards of reaching your sustainable living goals are tremendous!  What are your dreams?  Do you have a picture on your wall showing what your dream looks like?

One of the best ways to get to where you want to go is to know where you are now, and get a map of where you want to be.  Then you can build a plan and have a map on how to get there.

There is abundance everywhere we see, our neighbors, our children the earth as a whole is all of our responsibility.  Choose wisely the words you speak today, share abundance in every conversation today.

Your mindset is a way to choose the life of your dreams.  There is a Miracle Mindshift course that will keep you focused on what you would like to live. Go there now and start your Garden.

Turning Your Dreams into the Life of Your Dreams

Chris Downs, the Caretaker

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