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Have you ever had one of those weeks that just seemed to be full of Challenges and you still have a ton, literally, of work left to do? 

Top it all off with items you need to purchase but you can not just bring yourself to go to the local Big Box store?  You just want to go shopping ina place that is friendly, people understand you and your busy life?

You have been working hard to build that sustainable life that you dream of, but also need and want to socialize with like minded people.

An Oasis of Hospitality

When I need an Oasis of hospitality, one of my favorite places to just “Get Away” is our local feed store.  The people there are friendly, and have a lot of the same values as me.  They have always been helpful, and even hand out nice little “party favors” such as a new horse treat or dog treat for our animals to try. 

Sometimes they even provide “Trick or Treat” surprise goodies for me and my family! Even if Halloween is still 2 months away.  It is like going to the Mountain Man Trade Fair and Rendezvous, without having to sleep on the ground or eat their cooking. 

There is a lot of new stuff to look at like tools and tack for our animals, but also the “ambiance” of an open house for people who have the same desire to meet new people, share stories of creating a sustainable living.

Problems with having your own Sustainable Living Lifestyle?

  • You Get up on your own schedule, you must decide what it is you need and want to do that day to create the life you want.  No one else to make the decision for you.
  • If you make a mistake, it is your responsibility.  No one to blame
  • All expenses incurred are your responsibility
  • You have to choose the right equipment for your estate
  • You have to choose the crop or theme and product for your own income stream
  • Every decision is your own responsibility!  AAAAAGGHHHH!!!!

Now with all of that knowledge, there is some great news also!  Each and everyday you have freedoms to work on your own personal plan!  Here are some of the benefits of creating your own sustainable life:

  • You set your own schedule!
  • You get to decide what is best for you and your lifestyle that you are working to build
  • There are no others to make errors or challenges for you,  you get to decide every step that your business undertakes!
  • Your business expenses are controlled by you.
  • You get to choose which direction that your business grows to provide for your successful, sustainable living!  The excitement of testing, building, failing and most importantly succeeding is all your to decide and implement!

Success is a Team Effort

When I was younger, I wanted to do everything myself.  Now that I am older, I like to be “interdependent” and trade or barter for work to be accomplished or as well as goods that we may need for our  life style.  The older I get, most of our social activities are tied directly to living within the best practices for being a good steward of the land and assets that I have been blessed with.

I have placed flyers as well as embraced the internet for sharing what I am doing as well as what we are adding to our lifestyle that meets our needs and moves us forward to our goals.  One of the best surprises for me has how much more enjoyable sharing our lifestyle with others and being dependent upon others for their services has improved our lives and my mind set.

Problems, Challenges or Opportunities to learn?

When I was younger, all of the “problems” I encountered use to just bother me and steal most if not all of my joy.  I made so many mistakes, it was not funny.  Then as I became friends with other Organic Gardeners and business owners, I started to see how much more they enjoyed their lives, even when faced with difficult situations.

That is when I was blessed with meeting Gina Gaudio Graves from Directions University as well as Robert and Terri TallTree.  Your mindset is a way to create the life of your dreams.  There is a Miracle Mindshift course that will keep you focused on what you would like to live. Go there now and start your Garden.

Turning Your Dreams into the Life of Your Dreams

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