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How does Hope affect sustainable living during a drought?   You have hope, that is why I am here also.

I read this quote by Siebold:  Self-made millionaires get rich because they’re willing to bet on themselves and project their dreams, goals and ideas into an unknown future. Wealth is based upon the individuals own perception.

I believe that you are willing to bet on your self and your dreams.

Even if the future is unknown, you have the desire to build your sustainable life!  You inspire others as you move toward your dreams and goals.  It is farmers and entrepreneurs who take what they have and what they can envision that makes them leaders who enjoy themselves and making a difference.

Together, we can make a Huge difference in the world and honor God, our Creator, by living the purpose written on our hearts and the passion that is burning inside of us.  Our Hope for a sustainable life, is what allows us to think about our challenges, research what we have available to us to overcome those challenges and then take action.

So what are some of the things that we consider about our challenges when it come to drought?


First what is drought? geography shared this definition:

Drought is defined as a period in which a region has a deficit in its water supply. Drought is a normal feature of climate which happens in all climate zones from time to time.

Usually, drought is talked about in one of two perspectives- meteorological and hydrological. A drought in terms of meteorology takes into account deficiencies in measured precipitation. Each year’s measurements are then compared to what is determined as a “normal” amount of precipitation and drought is determined from there. For hydrologists, droughts are monitored by checking stream flow and lake, reservoir, and aquifer water levels. Precipitation is also considered here as it contributes to the water levels.

In addition, there are agricultural droughts that can impact crop production and cause changes to the natural distribution of various species. The farms themselves can also cause droughts to happen as soil is depleted and therefore cannot absorb as much water, but they can be impacted by natural droughts as well.

Picture Of Palmer Lake boat ramp in gallery 1 on site.

As you can see here in the picture, Palmer Lake in Colorado is dry.  Bone dry is how most of the news stations describe it.  But it is dry.  The lake is usually fed by a spring, but there was a time where water from a creek could be sent to the lake during times of drought.

But not anymore.

The nearby city of Colorado Springs now owns those water rights, according to a source who lives in Palmer lake, and it is Imperative for the other city to get the water it needs to serve its residents.  Now the lake is dry, the fish are dead, as well as most of the tourism.  Water truly is a magnet to us humans.


What is the Solution?

What are some of the challenges that you need to look at as a gardener/farmer/business or resident in an area hit by drought to maintain a sustainable living lifestyle?

Sustainable living includes preparing for drought and finding ways to continue to have abundance during drought! Our world is changing, but there will always be the same amount of water here on the earth.  It is either in the oceans, soil, groundwater, ice and snow on the ground or glaciers.  This cycle has been happening since the beginning of creation.

Knowledge of the cycle of water where you live, as well as controlling what you grow, graze or use and taking responsibility for by being a Good Caretaker of what you are managing, will help you maintain your sustainable lifestyle.

There is much to learn for all of us, and treading lightly is one aspect of sustainable living.

  • How do you grow your garden/crops?
  • Do you till all of your land at once or do yo follow the 7 years then leave that field fallow for a year?
  • Do you have a Rain water catchment system?
  • Do you reuse your gray water from your home to water your garden crops?
  • Can you build a small pond to store water on your property to store water?
  • Do you have swimming pool?
  • Are you or can you grow hydroponically or aquaponically?
  • What is the average rain fall where you live?
  • How have you planned for the drought cycle that comes to your area?


Do you remember reading about the “Dust Bowl” in school, or hearing about it from family stories?

It is by research and planning that you can ensure that you are living sustainably.  There can always be “Surprises” come your way, but by researching the past, and looking at the growth in your area that will use your limited water supply you can prepare properly. Look at your property and business, and answer the following questions to prepare for the next drought that may come your way:

  • Do you own the  water rights on your property?
  • Who or what is upstream from you that can use up all of the water before it reaches your property?
  • Can you build water storage such as small lakes/ponds/holding tanks/ water towers/etc.
  • How can you conserve your water usage that will allow you to still be prosperous and sustainable for decades and generations to come?
  • Are any County, state or federal laws that are in process that can change your rights to your water rights?
  • Do you have the history knowledge of the past 100 years or more for weather in your mini-ecosystem?
  • Are you ready to learn and implement the actions that you know that need to be taken?


How does hope fit into this scenario?  Without hope, there will not be the passion or desire to make anything better.  Without Hope, there is only despair.

My Personal Story of Hope and Sustainable Living.

This is the one year anniversary of when my wife and I were planning of my cremation and funeral.  My health was tanked, I was scheduled to be evaluated for a heart transplant, but was told that my heart would never get better.

What was dead is dead,  I had a drought of heart muscle, and to give up hope was my option.  We did not believe that, and since then, Giving glory to God through prayer, surrounding myself with Positive people who have hope, faith and love for others, along with eating organically and natural, I have the hope and the health to move forward to a sustainable living life.

I still work with the doctors, and they are amazed at the Measurable physical changes to my heart!  Hope and Faith affects everything!


My Mindset is one of the first things that I needed to change.  Since we are created in the image of God, we are able to choose our Thoughts, Words and Actions.  I needed some help to accomplish that, and as well as reading and staying focused on our Creator, I took a Miracle Mindshift Month course which is administered by two of my “chosen” family:  Robert and Terri Talltree.  They have loved me and helped guide me back into the hope and knowledge of a Sustainable, Positive Life.

I continue to work on my mindset, as life can sometimes come trying to push me back to my old thought patterns.  But thank you Robert and Terri for your friendship and your help with the Miracle Mindshift Month training.

I am truly blessed by God to be here today.

If you are looking for hope in a drought, you can find the help you may need also with the Miracle Mindshift Month course.

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