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You move into a brand-new house.  Go to the faucet and turn on the water.  The water looks dirty and smells like a bottle of chlorine filled with dirt. What do you do?

Bottle Filled With Chlorine

City water has to meet certain standards. As the water sits in the lines, it can grow bacteria. That is where a lot of the color and taste and odor come from. You call your local municipality that provides water to you and you asked them if the water safe. Of course they tell you it meets the safe drinking water act requirements.


What is that mean to you? It means that the water quality at your house must have chlorine in it. It must also have less than a certain amount of bacteria in it to be considered safe which is 500 units of contaminants per milliliter. A milliliter is equal to 1/1000  of a liter. So that is not a very large amount of contaminants in the water.

So how can it smell and taste so bad?
Answer: The chemicals and water treatment process combined with the pipes that deliver it to your house.

For you the best choice to create better water for your house is  to install to whole house filters in series.

  • First filter cartridge will be a 5 µ filter.
  • The second filter cartridge will be a carbon filter.

This will remove the sediment and taste and odor.


For you the best filter cartridge will be a 20 inch Big Blue filter cartridge. You want a high flow whole house filter double 20” x 5”cartridges.  It comes with two housings and will remove hundreds of contaminants from your water. The first filter will be a solid carbon cartridge for removing volatile compounds like insecticides, pesticides and solvents. The second filter cartridge you want to have a stack cartridge that has a 1 µ pad then ceramic balls, granular activated carbon or GAC then another one micron pad. And that’s all you’ll need with the exception of replacement cartridges.


Want to make sure that sure house water pressure is between 40 and 80 PSI. Your filter cartridges depending on quality of water will be about 160,000 gallons. That is if you use 6 to 10 gallons per minute. If you have experience doing plumbing you can do this yourself.   If you have threaded fittings and access to shutting the water off to your house it will be simple.


If you are unsure hire a plumber. When you contact the plumber ask for a discount if you purchase the filter system from them.


At the same time ask for a filter monitoring system. It should be inexpensive and have a warning light that mounts to your refrigerator with the magnet. This is a simple easy to operate and change filters in a few minutes.


Keep extra filters on hand, ensure your plumber teaches you how to maintain it and enjoy your clean great tasting water.


Healthy water helps provide for a healthy life. The cleaner your food and water that you eat and drink the healthier you will be.  Any questions leave a comment at the end of this report. Follow our website and our blog so that you can learn more about your healthy life.


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