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Small scale farming is reliant upon water rights.  Without water, it will be impossible to grow your crops, animals or even survive yourself.

There is a growing trend to privatize water rights.  Generally in favor of larger corporations.  Some states the water is owned by the state.   There is a great Explanation of Who Owns Water that is a great Social Studies project for all of us.



The reason that I want to get your attention now, is so that you can prepare yourself for drought, changes in law and in choosing the food that you want to grow.  Do you believe that you own the rainwater that falls on your land and home?  Capturing and using rain water and using it for growing gardens, watering pets and wildlife has been in use for centuries!  I have a friend who live on the Big Island in Hawaii, and that is the only way that she can get water for her home.  Popular Mechanics has shared some great information on “Who owns the Rain”.   Hint,  it is not always the home owner.


We live in Monument Colorado, and the nearby lake, Palmer lake use to be a great place to walk around the lake, go fishing and enjoy a great day outdoors.  The lake has a walkway all the way around it.  It use to be beautiful!  Now it is dry and the bottom is cracked.

During drier weather, the lake could be refilled by a nearby stream, but not anymore, as the water rights were sold to a neighboring city who has outgrown its supply of water.  So the small town that has always relied upon on the water in the stream for a backup has been out bid for water usage.  Taking away one of the most visual draws for traffic to the businesses and residents of this town.    They have enough water for their homes for now, but what happens if the drought continues.


Quite a few more states than individuals own the water.  They give the citizens water rights to pump water out of wells, but most states do not allow rain water to be considered as the home owners.  Some states do have legal ways to be allowed to use some of the rain water.  You need to check with your state to ensure that you do not get a ticket or go to jail for “Stealing” the rain water that falls on your home.


There is one legal word that could help you in your quest to use rain water.  Usufruct is the right to use and enjoy the profits and advantages of something belonging to another as long as the property is not damaged or altered in any way.  This is according to the   Since the water is owned by many of the states, your rights must be considered for health and safety.

Our government was formed to protect its Citizens health and safety.  If they sell water rights to a company trying to get minerals, oil, or uranium, gold, silver or anything from the land and do not protect the water that is being used and replaced into the streams, they are not protecting us as citizens.   This must be a reason for all of us who live to ensure that our right to life is protected.


Without water, we will not survive.  Water has been polluted, wasted, diverted and poisoned accidentally and due to laziness as well as to increase profits for others.  Now is the time to inform yourself and your neighbors on what your water rights are.


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