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WOW…This is a very loaded question if you really think about it. Along with the fact it is VERY important question if you are serious about a more organic life or a homesteading lifestyle.

War Creek

There are many aspects of survival but I am talking about the emotional, physical and spiritual ways to survive this transition. When you are making what is called a “Life Change” of this magnitude there are some things that need to be addressed.


Living organic or a homesteading lifestyle can be harder and harder in the times that we live in. Not because times are harder, it is just harder to wean yourself off of everything being easy and at your fingertips.


There are some things that no one tells you when you are trying to make this transition in your life. Sometimes people do not want to say anything because they feel that it scares others away from this lifestyle or just simply that they will not understand.


Most people do not even take in to account the emotional, physical or spiritual side of what you are about to or are currently experiencing. I want to make sure that you are not only aware of what to expect but I also want to share what I have learned on each piece of this starting with the emotional transition of this process.


If you have read anything about my journey you already know that this process began LONG before our house sold and we were financially able to begin this journey. About 3 years ago my husband and I felt that there was a major shift coming in life as we know it.


No I am not referring to the Mayan Calendar or the 2012 stuff but just everything that is going on in our immediate area and in the world as a whole. Not only things being unstable but the knowledge that most food is man-made not God made and Science has begun to take over everything even to the extent of choosing the sex of your child.

We wanted to get back to living in a manner that not only was honoring ourselves but also honored God and the Earth.


Well it took us 3 years to finally sale our house and we are actually beginning to live out what God put on our hearts. We moved across the country to be with family and look at land in a few states and ended up moving back to the eastern part of the USA.


The moral of this story if you will, is that in order for to actually live out a homesteading or organic lifestyle there has to be desire. With out desire you will never make it!

In Part 2 we will be looking in to the Emotional Survival of such a large “Life Change”.

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P.S. If you have anything to add to this about your experience or if you have ideas and comments please leave a comment. Do not be greedy with your knowledge, someone just might need what you have learned to help them get where they need/what to be.


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