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The City of Palm Springs California has taken the leap into making their lives and the lives of its community Sustainable!   Congratulations to them for taking action on making this a better planet to live on!

Palm Springs Convention Center

We have all heard the saying “Think Global, Act Local”!  They have even added a section called: “Your Sustainable City” to their government website!

Here is what their stated mission is on the page when you arrive.

“Our citizens and staff make this Your Sustainable City a clean and healthy environment, strong community engagement and a thriving economy. The City of Palm Springs Office of Sustainability invites you to help shape the future of your community. We are interested in your feedback and ideas. Call anytime at 760-323-8214.

Mayor Steve Pougnet asks all Palm Springs Residents to participate in the Coachella Valley Healthy Living Challenge. All Coachella Valley residents are encouraged to participate in a challenge.”


Path to Sustainability

Mayor Steve Pougnet Started the path to sustainable living for the Palm Springs community in May of 2008.  His goals and the goals for sustainability for the community is to include a clean and healthy environment, strong and active community engagement and a thriving economy!

As a leader in this valuable endeavor, the city sees the threats and challenges to their community.  Water is becoming scarcer and more expensive.  Air quality is threatened and waste and consumption continues to rise.  Palm Springs leadership has started with the people ultimately, and the mayor and city government are actively creating a comprehensive plan.  They are making sustainability a priority for the future as the quality of life is dependent upon our ability to build and implement a true community plan.


Steve Pougnet also stated that the quality of life is not just being addressed by the city government, but also by the public and private sector engagement.

They have implemented Certified Farmers in their schools.  They have implemented a program to give grants to local schools to grow food!  They actively promote buying locally and have a certified farmers market at 2300 E Baristo  at Farrell and Camelot Theatre in town.  It is from 8 am to 12:30pm.  Make sure that you go to their website at

Helping Local Businesses Become Sustainable

For local businesses, the city has implemented the City of Palm Springs Green Business Partnership Certification Program.   It is a $150 fee, unless of course you were one of the first 50 businesses to take action to make a difference.  The certification will provide the business with a seal for their website as well as their store front.  It shows that the businesses who participate are part of the network to create a sustainable city.


Here is a list of the items that the city shares with all of its community.  This is something that we can all do, even if we do not live in the City of Palm Springs!


The Palm Springs Path to a Sustainable Community

Steps We Can All Take

  1. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs
  2. Turn your thermostat down
  3. Clean or replace your air conditioning filter
  4. Conserve water
  5. Reduce, reuse, recycle
  6. Use energy efficient appliances
  7. Turn off lights, computers, TVs when not in use
  8. Leave the car at home – bike, walk, carpool or take the bus
  9. Incorporate shade into your landscape
  10. Install insulation in your home
  11. Get a home energy audit
  12. Use low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint
  13. Buy and use local, sustainable foods and food products
  14. Get a water audit and incorporate changes
  15. Consider replacing lawn with low water use landscape
  16. Buy alternative fuel or hybrid vehicle
  17. Use green or sustainable building techniques when building or remodeling
  18. Drink tap water
  19. Get an annual tune up
  20. Full loads for both clothes and dish washer



I just want to take this time to thank the City of Palm Springs California, and hope that we can each bring about a Sustainable solution in the community where we live.


It is not about just using up the resources around us until they are gone, it is about honoring the land, water, air and residents of where we are.  Two legged, four legged, winged, swimmers or even the ones that may seem like creepy crawlers, we are all part and interdependent in our lives.


Join us all in the quest for a Sustainable life.


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