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True words from Birke Baehr, who was 11 years old when he gave this Tedx talk in August, 2010.

He has changed his life dream from becoming a professional football player to being an Organic Farmer.

I had to share this with you.  When you look at all the reasons you want to eat healthy, what is your number one reason?  Is it for your children?  If you do not have kids, is it for your health?  When I switched back to organic eating and gardening, I had people ask me: “How can you afford to buy organic food?  Isn’t that really expensive?”


I like to answer that my first heart attack was a three-day stay in the hospital.  The cost was over $100,000.  Organic food, especially that which we grow ourselves is less expensive.  Especially since I have not been hospitalized since eating healthy.   So we now save over

I highly recommend that you watch this YouTube video from this 11-year-old boy.  You can hear the passion in his voice.  He has talked to old Organic farmers and he was impressed with the knowledge he received.  For myself, there is no other way to grow and eat healthy now, other than organically.

I am blessed every day that I wake up.  Growing food organically has brought a flock of neighborhood kids to our home to “See” what the heck this “Garden” thing is.  Most of them had never seen a garden before.  Sure they had heard about them, but few have ever eaten food right off of the plant.

You have in your minds and hearts to take care of others and Your homes.  You want the best for your children, parents as well as your friends and neighbors.  This is an abundant world that we live in.  You have the knowledge and desire to share with others, or at least take care of those that are close to you and yourself.

After surviving a few heart attacks, I was told to get my affairs in order.  But I decided to live. I have never done anything completely on my own.  I have traded for material, bought land, purchased equipment, seeds and compost.  I have good friends Robert and Terri TallTree who are my mentors. They have helped me to change my life so that I know that I can live an abundant life. They helped me to get rid of my doubting thoughts.  Thinking the right thoughts and Their help has made a huge difference in my life.

When I was younger, I learned from the horses that I trained that I couldn’t be inpatient.  I needed to relearn that now that I am older.  That is what I love about organic farming and gardening.  It is a peaceful and healthy lifestyle.

Your family wins, you win, and your pocket-book wins.

I want to share just one little tip that I have learned by taking the miracle mindshift training from my mentors: I choose to have faith that yes, I can continue to get better.

Doubt sees tribulations, problems, troubles, difficulties and obstacles.
Faith sees anticipation, trust, confidence, hope, expectation and a way.

Doubt sees gloom, doom, thunder, lightning and the darkest day.
Faith sees light, sunshine, radiance, beauty and life abounding.

Doubt causes terror, fear, worry, apprehension and ultimate calamity.
Faith soars with opportunity, occasion, freedom and peaceful grace.

Doubt questions faith, belief, conviction and creative ideas
Faith answers existence, being, time and living life as God has created us to!

I recommend that you fill your body with good fuel.  Healthy Organic Locally grown food.  I also recommend that you feed your mind with the right thoughts.  The Miracle Mindshift Month has helped me, and continues to help me stay focused on what my dream is.

Go here: and experience for yourself the life that you dreamed of.

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