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Hydroponics, is it the answer to thriving during drought?  Many farmers say yes. Here in Colorado, as well as Texas and other states we have gone through a long drought.  I had the opportunity to speak with Johnathon Wood from Majestic Hydrogardening this last weekend.



Meet Johnathon Wood

Johnathon has been involved with hydroponics since the 1970’s. He started his first garden when he was just 8 years old and has passion for growing food. He also enjoys growing other plants as well. He has seen the need for change in the United States.  More people are growing their own food. Concerns about GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) is becoming a major concern.  GMO foods put our health as risk.  Even Mother Earth News has  started sharing information on hydroponics.

Johnathan started with Hydroponics when the first Space Station was experimenting with growing food in space.  NASA chose hydroponics as the best solution.  So what better place to start than following the NEW space age technology?

Johnathon found that the US Government was doing a study on growing hemp using hydroponics. The study contained information on the products and health benefits of hemp. He shared with me that durability  is the reason Levi jeans were so popular with farmers.   By adding hemp fibers,  the clothing  lasted a lot longer. Hemp is refined into many products:

  • Hemp oil
  • Food
  • Fiber
  • Seeds
  • Clothing
  • Textiles
  • Resin
  • Wax
  • Rope
  • Pulp
  • Fuel

Hemp is still used today, and Virginia is looking to legalize it once again for the fibers and food value.

Government Experimentation

The US Government completed a study on how to make the other types of cannabis (what most people call marijuana) more potent.  They also studied its health effects.  That type of marijuana is now legal in Colorado and Washington States.

Johnathan’s Hydroponics Passion

Jonathan has a passion to get people growing!  Lettuce, Tomatoes, spinach or anything that will help them become self-sufficient.  Health comes from healthy nutrition, he shared. It is easy to get caught up in his passion for growing food and herbs using hydroponics when you talk to him.  Johnathon is going to start to teaching hydroponics soon.  His will also be teaching Botany and other tips and tricks needed to be successful growing food and plants indoors and out.

Water Conservation at its best

Hydroponics is water conservation at its best.  As I shared before, water has become a very sacred commodity. Cities, states and the federal government is doing whatever it can to control our water. Rain water, wetlands, even small lakes are being claimed by different governmental agencies. In some states it is illegal to catch rain water for your own use. Even if it falls onto your own property.

Johnathon Wood has a website: is where you can see his videos and tips and tricks. He also has products that you can purchase to make your hydroponic food crops flourish and remain clean and safe for consumption.

We will be releasing videos of our conversation. These videos will tell when his classes are available. In addition Johnathon will be writing more books and reports as well.  These will be available soon to feed your  passion and  desire to grow indoors as well as outdoors. Johnathon is an expert in all aspects of growing and sustainability.

We will be sharing more information with you in the coming Growing Newsletter.  We will be sharing the videos of Johnathon in our newsletter members area.

P.S. Our next newsletter will be sharing information about Fodder Tech. This is a high-tech hydroponic growing company that is revolutionizing the feed for farmers and rancher who raise animals for sale. Lower cost, Lower workload and happier animals who produce more.


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