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Organic chicken farming is a great addition to profitable small scale farming.  Raising meat birds organically is animal friendly and is good for the earth. Unlike mass produced caged chicken farming where the chickens are born, raised then sent to market without ever touching the earth.  Live fast and die young appears to be the motto of those chicken farms.  Here are the top 5 reasons chicken farming is profitable.


New Terra Natural shared years of research of the benefits of organic chicken farming.  The article that I am quoting below only shares about meat chickens.  However, there is much to also share about chicken farming for egg production.

Here is what New Terra Natural Foods shared:


The advantages of organic chicken as a livestock animal for your small farm are many:

Top 5 Reasons Chicken Farming is Profitable

  • Meat chickens are a quick turnaround: in 10-12 weeks you can raise day-old chicks to roaster size. This means a quick return on your investment. You can also do more than one batch of birds a year.
  • Meat chickens are space-efficient: you don’t need a lot of land to raise some chickens, even on pasture. A batch of 100 birds can be confined in about 1/5 of an acre without harming the land.
  • Meat chickens are time-efficient: caring for pastured poultry should only take about 20 minutes a day. This leaves time for other farm activities.
  • Organic free-range chicken is a premium product: if you have ever looked at the price of organic chicken in the stores, you will see they are charging a hefty price. This means you have a good margin for profit for your own birds.
  • Free-range organic chicken is delicious! You can fill your own freezer with healthy, great-tasting meat.


They also agreed with my assessment that the key to organic chicken farming is to minimize your losses.  A 95% success rate from hatching to market is important.  So you want to ensure that you care for your birds by keeping them warm, dry, well nourished and happy!  The other thing that you need to do is to keep them safe from predators.

As you optimize your system for raising organic chickens, you can make a 60% profit on each batch of chickens that you grow.  New Terra Foods believes that it can also go as high as 70% profit.  Depending upon where you live, and your seasons, you can grow up to three batches of chickens per year. With as little as 1 acre of  property, organic chicken farming can improve your life financially, as well as provide food for your table.

So as part of your plan to make your small scale farm profitable, organic chicken farming can be another profitable leg of your life.  I want to invite you to check out chickens4wealth created by Jonathon White from Australia.  He has shared his successes before.   As we live at 7,000 feet, we had to make sure that the chickens here could breathe at this altitude.  Make sure your chickens will thrive in your environment.


One of the best things that you can do, is decide if raising chickens is right for you.  You can also sell eggs if you wish. I have a friend Ronda who shares that her chickens not only provide her with more than enough eggs, but also  hours of entertainment.  We even had one chicken who loved to jump up and get pets from us every time we would go out to their yard.   Yes, chickens have provided me with lots of entertainment and joy also.  I was just at Big R Farm and Ranch store here in Monument Colorado.  I took some pictures of the chicks that had just arrived.  We are going to go this Saturday, March 23 and go to their presentation on raising chickens!  I love learning!  The more tips and valuable information I get, the better we can grow.


Look for more information about organic chicken farming in our upcoming posts!  Make sure to leave a comment as well as leave any questions that you may have.


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  • Carol Clark

    My biggest problem with raising chickens is, who is going to do the slaughtering?

    • Jack Stem

      hire me 🙂

  • Michael Ward

    crazy, I live near monument. could I see your operation some time? I have about 60 chickens at the moment. 17 layers, 46 broilers.