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The Basics of Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic Gardening was known as early as 600B.C in the hanging gardens of Babylon “working with water” to grow food and flowers has become hydroponics.  It was Dr. Gericke from the University of California who coined the term “Hydroponics”.  Dr. Gericke discovered that you can grow flowers and vegetables in shallow tanks filled with water!  As long as those tanks contained the proper nutrient solution, the plants grew.

During World War II, the armed forces built hydroponic gardens on the barren soils of the Pacific Rim islands, supplying soldiers with fresh vegetables, resolving the need to ship fresh foods long distances.

Single Plant Hydroponic garden

7 Tips from an Expert


I have spent time with Johnathon Wood from Majestic Hydrogardening.    I wrote down some of the most important aspects of hydroponic gardening that he shared. Here they are, just as I wrote them down:

  1. Your Why.  Having a reason and a passion to grow food, spices and herbs for yourself and your family.  You do not have to start big, just start and take action.  Knowing that becoming self-sufficient is important in providing food for our family is important for most people.
  2. Choose how to start hydroponic gardening.  You can grow inside using lights or a sun room.  You can grow outside on a deck and yes, even in soil using a non-recovery hydroponic system.
  3. Nutrients are key to hydroponic gardening.  If you do not understand nutrients and what your plants need to thrive, you need help.  We invite you to join our newsletter at the bottom of this page to get the scoop on what you need.
  4. Different systems.  Find the hydroponic gardening system that works for your lifestyle!  This could be the make it or break it for your desire to grow your food.  There are lots of different systems, so ask questions.  It is the only way to get answers.
  5. Chemistry and the importance of proper pH.  Wow, is this IMPORTANT?  Yes it is, but it does not have to be that difficult.  Balancing all of this out can be as close as asking an expert.
  6. Pest control. You need to be aware of what your environment is doing to breed pests and allowing them in.  Do not grow on carpet in your home.  Carpet is a breeding ground with lots of hiding places for pests.  DO grow on black plastic or in a tent to keep your plants isolated.
  7. Water issuesWater issues are one reason that hydroponic gardening thrives!  It uses less water, and helps you grow your food during a drought!  But then again, this is where the chemistry of hydroponic  gardening is important.  Keep the chlorine and other contaminants out of your garden.

 Conclusions about Hydroponic Gardening

These tips are the basis that I had known about for years.  But there is one more way that you can increase your food production and lower your nutrient expenses with hydroponic gardening.  I invite you to go to Easy Start Aquaponics and learn more about Aquaponics.  Aquaponics combines hydroponic gardening and raising fish for both food and for the nutrients for your garden.

The number 1 secret is going to be this:  Start growing something today!  Take action, ask questions and get your whole family involved.  We have the neighborhood kids come over to our house all of the time.  They wanted to know where food really comes from.  One of the best rewards we have received for growing our own food is this:  Seeing those childrens smiles when they taste food right out of the garden.  Even better than candy is what one 4 year old said!  Gardening on purpose, hydroponic gardening or even aquaponic gardening, what a fun way to eat what you learned.