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You need  chicken feeder plans, but you want them for free.  The great news is that there are hundreds, if not more,  chicken feeder plans for free on-line and on

There are three types of chicken feeders.

  • Automatic chicken feeders
  • Manual chicken feeders
  • Natural chicken feeders

You can get lots of plans for free, but I want to share this set of automated chicken feeder plans with you. :  Rod from is giving you access to his plans for free.


Chicken feeder

As you can see from this picture, the plans are easy to understand and simple to build.  The high quality of the plans and the automatic chicken feeder are obvious.

Chicken Feeder Plans can be made from many different materials

There are Chicken feeder plans that use:

  • Wood  (Like the plans from Rod from woodworking
  • Plastic buckets (similar to or made from home depot buckets)
  • PVC Piping  (look for them on
  • Metal (Galvanized pipe or sheet metal rolled into a round cylinder)

There are lots of ideas and plans available, watch a couple of videos from YouTube, or better yet, you can learn how chickens naturally feed themselves.  Chickens4wealth is taught by Jonathon White, and he shares how he raises his chickens to learn how to find their own food.  It provides a great environment for his chickens, which makes them better producers.  I like natures way better for feeding the chickens!


Automatic  or Manual Chicken feeder plans?

As I shared, my favorite automatic chicken feeder is an open environment. That is natures’ automatic feeder. The chickens automatically find their food!  You may need to supplement their feed, but your costs will be significantly less.

If you must keep them safe from predators by all means, keep them caged.  There are mobile chicken tractors that you can purchase or build also.  Your chickens get the advantage of being able to forage on the ground, but they are safe from predators. When it is time to move the chicken enclosure,  just hook up to the tractor and move the entire brood to a new area.  Good for the chickens and for the soil!  This gives them some live food and it also cuts down on your expenses.  You all win!

I know that some of you do not have enough room to move your chickens around your property.  The great news is that you can build an automatic feeder from available plans.  It beats hand feeding your chickens by throwing the seed on the ground.  Some chicken feeder plans have open-ended feed fests for their chickens.  Without a cover for the feed when the chickens go to roost, the mice and other animals will come in for a “Free” meal on your chickens feed.

 Choose chicken feeder plans that work for your flock

All in all, if you have a small area and you can’t let your chickens roam free, the automatic chicken feeder plans will save you time and money when chicken farming.  You will have less waste, and there is a cover over the feed while the chickens are sleeping.   To find out how much to feed your chickens, and get great videos and a book about chickens I recommend Chickens4Wealth.      Jonathan White shares his expertise on how the chicken thinks and thrives in the right environment.  I use his resources myself.

Chickens are not only productive for eggs and meat, but they are also great entertainment!

Let me know when you make your own chicken feeder from the plans that we shared.  Today is a great day to start crowing about your chickens!


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