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We have seen the news stories about food shortages.  The shocking truth about food shortages is even documented by the news.  Video footage of young children with bloated stomachs that are barely alive.   Mothers and fathers asking for help from whoever will listen and help.  Drought and famine seems to be growing in the news.

Drinkable water is quickly becoming more and more scarce.  Chemicals are added to our drinking water to “protect” end users from disease and bacteria.  Desalination technology is growing quickly as the need for more water continues to rise.  Without clean healthy water, our food quality diminishes also.

What is the shocking truth about food shortages?


In my opinion, there does not need to be any food shortages.  We have technology that can provide food even in the desert, using Hydroponics, Aeroponics and Aquaponics.  We can grow fodder for animals using hydroponics like Foddertech systems that can produce up to 6,000 pounds (3 tons) per day.


I want to share with you an article that was shared with me from Eat Drink  On April 8, 2013 Jennifer Kaplan Shared the following report:

The article suggests that companies dealing in fertilizers/grains/trading, seeds/chemicals and farm equipment all stand to gain from the global food shortage.  And, it comes as no surprise that environmentally unpopular companies like Archer Daniels Midland, DuPont and Monsanto are on the list.


The inflation in the food prices is set to continue globally. The demand is rising faster than the supply can keep pace and in 2007 and 2008 there were riots in 60 countries due to run up in the prices of corn, wheat and soybeans …

Agriculture has the potential to be one of the most promising investment themes for the coming decade (sorry Facebook investors!). Here are some of the selected stocks that you can use to play the agriculture theme.

The post goes on to accurately point to two factors causing rising food prices globally:

Increased demand from China. asserts that financial opportunities exist as “established players jockey to lock in supplies of essential grains and position themselves as a supplier to China.” They site the recent bid from the Japanese trading house Marubeni to acquire the US based grains merchant Gavilon (a spinoff from Conagra Foods) as being an obvious way of getting a footing in the Chinese supply channel.

Diversion of agricultural resources to produce biofuels.  The articles suggests that global agriculture giants are investing, and diverting grain, for the Ethanol market.



The Great news is this:  We as readers to such magazines like Grit, Mother Earth News, Cappers and others who believe that we are the solution are growing, literally, in numbers.

We have seen that in this world, that there is truly no “Lack” of food or water.  There is a lack of knowledge on many peoples part, but not those of us who thrive on the lifestyle of growing our own food.  It does not stop there either.  Look at all of the innovations that are shared in each edition of Grit magazine.

We are growing our own food in extreme conditions here in Colorado.  We use the food4wealth growing system, because of the ease of growing smaller gardens and food plots.  Last year we grew enough food for ourselves and 2 other families.  Even though we were in the middle of a drought, our harvest was plentiful.



I am excited as the time to plant our garden outside is getting closer.  We have a new farm that is at 8,800 feet in elevation.  We just got the well tested.  It provides 6 gallons per minute.  The water test is not complete, but there are others that are living in the area.  They too grow their own food and live where city power or water is not available.  This is a going to be a great year!


The best news is this:  As we grow locally and grow healthy natural food or organic food, the food shortage myth can be eliminated.  Again, this is my opinion, but I do believe that you feel the same way.  Looking forward to hearing how you are living a life of Abundance!


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