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Ecological Gardening Question answers! How big of a container do I need to start my Organic Garden? Click on this link and see the video of one of our starter containers!

Starting seeds inside at 7000 feet

Rutledge747 sent the following comment: Is newspaper is an effective as well as safe and cost effective for your garden?  I took my tomato plants outside for some sun, and after 15 minutes, they started drooping. If you are concerned about the ink in the newspaper, you may use unprinted newspaper or plain paper bags from the grocery store.  Also, the plants roots will most likely not get to the ink before the ink is washed out by the watering.

Depending upon the size of your  Organic Garden.  In the Food4Wealth program you will learn to size your garden to cut down on weeding time and improve your harvest when you plant your crops in a specific grouping.
   Answer #2,  Since you live in PA,  when did you take them outside, and was it real cold?  To harden them up, 15 minutes is more than enough the first time you take them outside.  They probably drooped due to either the cold or if up against a building or reflective device, they got too hot. You want to transplant your tomatoes after the last frost in your  area, unless after hardening them off you can use (Wall of WaterTM) to keep them from freezing.
There are many things that can affect your Organic Garden, especially when you are first starting out.  One of the things that I pay close attention to, is what materials are on the land that are available and easy to use to protect the garden area from contaminants that may accidentaly get washed in to the area.  If your house is close to the garden, you can use that water runoff as long as it does not pick up any chemicals from your roof.   Some Cedar shingle roofs will be treated with preservative chemicals that you do not want on your Organic Fruit and Vegetables.
If you are in a rural area, you may also check to see if the county sprays weeds along your road that may end up in your garden.  If you place a sign at the beginning of your property, with the words “NO SPRAY”, and place another sign at the end of your property most if not all of the county road crews will not spray as long as you keep the weeds down along the fence and control them on your propert.
Part of being an Organic Gardener is being a good neighbor.  Your neighbors just may become your clients and customers if you are looking to gain income for your work through out the year.
We will be talking about Hydroponic Gardening as well as Aquaponic Gardening in a way that will restore the land and increase not only your enjoyment of your home but also turn your expenses into income streams.
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