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Organic Hydroponic Gardening can create great nutrition.  The only difference between organic hydroponics and regular hydroponics is what you choose to feed your plants. This page will cover some organic feeding options for hydroponics systems.  I will also talk about water.  Clean pure water is important as part of an organic growing garden.  Whether it is hydroponic, Aquaponic or growing in organic soil!

Clean, Healthy water is essential for Organic Hydroponic Gardening

Organic Hydroponic system

Organic Hydroponic system


First, let’s talk about water.  If the water coming from your tap is full of contaminants, then you need to filter the water before you use it to grow your food.

One item many people overlook though is the source of their water.  You really want to make sure that you have good water.  I have a friend who watered his new Ghost Pepper plant from the garden hose.  He shared that the chlorine smell from their water supply is very strong. His Ghost Pepper plant became a ghost.   So to get your plants to thrive, you need to understand the entire ecosystem that you are building!

Basic Water Treatment Chemicals and processes


Water Treatment is an increasingly complex function of water treatment plants.  Anyone pursuing an understanding  of what the EPA and Safe Drinking water act entails, including laboratory testing, hydraulics, mathematics, chemistry, water transmission, disinfection, and microbiology.  Contaminants that are found in water distribution system and water treatment plant vary, depending upon what the local governments can afford and are forced to do to comply with the government regulations.


Chemicals used to treat water may also have side effects. In the process of disinfection, byproducts are formed. Bromate, chlorite, haloacetic acids and trihalomethanes are byproducts of water disinfection. These chemicals are linked to an increased risk of cancer, anemia, liver problems, kidney problems and effects on the nervous system. According to the EPA, these risks exists for people who drink water with chemical levels in excess of the EPA’s standard.



Water University is a great place to get the exact help and good prices for your water quality needs.  You can get there by going to


Organic Hydroponic Gardening Nutrients

Many people are concerned that hydroponic gardening can only use chemicals and may not be organic.  That is not true!   You can make a tea from manures!  You will be monitoring the pH of the nutrients that you are adding, to ensure that you do not add too much at one time.

So what kind of “Tea” do you use?

Johnathon Wood from Majestic Hydrogardening  shared with me some of his favorite Organic nutrients.

I prefer natural products for teas such as BAT GUANO, MARINE MINERAL MAGIC and BOUNTEA BETTER BLOOM M3. I will also use a tea from rabbit manure, but not chicken manure as it can be too hot for the plants if not monitored properly.  I grow for enjoyment, while my passion is to teach others how to grow their own food and become self-sufficient.

Nutrition for our food starts with providing good nutrition for our food.  Healthy Soil, Healthy seeds, healthy water, and a healthy environment all create a healthy body when you eat what you grow.


Why Organic Hydroponic Gardening?


Organic hydroponic gardening uses 85% less water that conventional growing methods.  You control everything that goes into your plants nmake up.  Healthy plants give you healthy nutrition.  We all need protien and plant foods contain complete proteins.   This means that they contain all the “essential” amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. You will get all the protein – as well as all the amino acids – you need on a diet composed exclusively of plant foods. Think about it. Plants are the only foods eaten by elephants, horses, and hippos, buffalo, oxen and Elk and moose.  All of these animals have no trouble growing all the muscle, bone, and tissue they need. So there’s enough protein in plant foods to grow a human being, especially since we are relatively small when compared to a moose or buffalo.


Is hydroponic gardening right for you?  It is for many people, and for those of you living in a city or have access to a big roof, absolutely!

Today is a great day to think about your health and the health of your family.  Once you understand how simple hydroponics is, you may not want to grow any other way.


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