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 Organic Farming Benefits without money?

With no money, no land, no problem:  Building a dream in Zambia


Building  A Dream in Zambia

Building A Dream in Zambia


I want to introduce you to Jerry Kufuna who is building a dream in Zambia.  He is a leader in Zambia, as well as one of our community members here at HIS  Creating mini organic farms as well as larger scale farms, Jerry is well on his way to building his dream.   Jerry Lives in Zambia, and has a Passion for Agriculture.  Since we are all connected together, we wanted to share his story.  But We will let Jerry Share his Passion and Purpose!  Fr


Here is his story:



After being a Pastor and doing community work among poor people for more than 25 years, I discovered that the best way to empower our people is through Agriculture.

We just have to go back to the land! And Organic Farming is the way to go…especially when we use locally available material.

I discovered that Africans know what they need to develop their economy .We need to give them the tools to do that. And one of the tools is information or education. Relevant information!!  Something that works for Africa.

“I know of no pursuit in which more real service can be rendered to any country than by improving it`s agriculture”



My desire is to develop a Mini Farm Prototype, multiply that and spread it in all ten provinces of our nation and other nations through others. What I am doing is a launching pad or springboard to the rest of Africa.


Organic Farm Zambia

We need to grow(develop) so that we can help many more of our people. We are still a small project with lots of potential to reach our nation and Africa.

In order to do that we need Partners.

The Government of Zambia recognizes our Project. We are helping them do a few projects like Tree Planting.

Recently I was given an Award from the President of the Republic of Zambia for Tree Planting and Environmental Protection.

I am at the moment developing a base from where we can reach the nation.  It is a Demonstration farm plot, for the farmer.

Our farm is a place where the following is done on a smaller scale

We would like to develop all I mention below.


Discovering new ways of doing the old things. Information, fresh ideas etc.



Developing products from raw material. Manufacturing finished products. Promoting the cottage industry.


Reaching out to farmers where they live, with resources, information etc. Providing extension services.


Helping people (farmers) interpret and fulfill their dreams. Providing market ,information, financing etc.


Equipping the people for the task of rebuilding the nations through agriculture.


My dream is to prove to our people that agriculture is the way to go if we want a lot of things to change in Africa.

 Agriculture will answer a lot of questions Africans are asking eg.Hunger,Unemployment,Lack of Capital,Forex etc

Our project does the following(on a small scale)

1.Food security:it provides food security.

2.Jobs:it  creates employment for our people

3.Income:it gives us an income.

4.Raw material: it provides raw material for the cottage industry. Manufacturing industry.

5.Foreign exchange: it helps us develop foreign exchange to finance imports.

6.Purchasing power: it shall help develop purchasing power for the majority of our people.

7.Surplus capital: it gives us surplus capital to finance other areas of industry development etc.


At the moment we are using ten pieces of land that are 50×50 meters each. We need to grow(develop) that so that we can take the project to other places.

We also have other pieces of land……533 hectares in total. That will be for commercial farming so that they can support the project in the future.


Our people usually find it easier to imitate what they can see working. That is why the whole project is like one big classroom.

We have been working with a number of farmers in our area- promoting organic farming.

We raise goats, free-range chickens, vegetables, grain, herbs, spices and fruits.

All these are on a smaller-scale.

This year we are also planting about 20,000 tree seedlings for our tree-planting exercise in this town.


My dream is to see this project develop into something like a university.  Teaching others through hands on experience and learning-centered methods, a place where people learn by doing. It will be like a Long-Distance/Open University facility for the Farmer.


In order to develop we need the following:

  • Electricity.  We have no power on the plot.
  • Boreholes for water. Most of our farming is done during rainy season.
  • Drip Irrigation equipment
  • Roofing Sheets and timber to build Food Processing shelters
  • Greenhouse
  • Fencing for security. We need to protect the property…….fencing-off even our animals and chickens, etc
  • Goats. Our Goat population is only 8. We desire to grow our Goat project, so that we can give from it (like we do with Chickens).
  • Chickens. We need to develop our Chicken Bank. We give and sell from there.
  • Incubators. The ones we have are manual. We need automatic-turning Incubators.
  • Accommodation for students. That will be used to accommodate small numbers of students for short courses.
  • Classrooms and Administration Block
  • Accommodations for staff. We need to stay on the property.
  • Skilled man power. That could be volunteer or full-time.
  • Transport. Our car broke down more than two years ago.We need a van and a car.
  • Simple tools
  • Information

Our focus is to reach the young people as we reach the adults. Our concern is: What type of young people are we going to leave for this great continent?

We have already helped so many. Teaching all sorts of things: Food Production and Processing.

We also need to have this project self-sustaining after a few years.



We are dedicated to help others discover organic farming benefits, even on a budget.  One way to do this economically is by using food4wealth growing system  The link for you is and it is how we grow the small garden in a mobile home park.

By working together, we will be making a difference in the world by implementing organic farming practices.

We are going to start recommending more products that may help you create your farm.  A portion of the net profits will go to Jerry’s Zambia project, as well as other projects that you share with our community members also!

If you want to contact Jerry Directly with some help,  here is his email:  Or you can leave a comment with questions or offers of help for Zambia at the end of this post.

We are all connected together in this world.   I am so excited to read Jerry’s story and look forward to seeing the Vision that God has given him come to fruition.


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