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Waterline and reservoir in the ground, Finally!!!   As we shared before, we needed to bury the waterline at least eight (8) feet deep to keep the waterlines from freezing on the farm.  Good thing we had an old backhoe!!!   We had some challenges, but were able to just keep moving forward.

Here are a few pictures so that you can see the ditch, the hole for the tank and the tank in the hole!  We dug down about 10 feet deep, backfilled with clean sandy soil then placed the tank in the hole.  The water line and electrical are encased in 3″ PVC pipe for protection!

Reservoir Tank hole and water line ditch  9 feet deep

Reservoir Tank hole and water line ditch 9 feet deep



There’s the Hole!


Reservoir tank in the hole!

Planning for the Water Line and Reservoir in the Ground

The great part of this is the way in which it is being completed.  We have met some fantastic people along this journey so far.   There have been challenges along the way, but the solutions and fixes always come just when we need them.  Growing in an extreme environment takes planning, but we all must take action to get our dream accomplished.  Especially when we only want to dig this hole and the ditch once!

Our plan is as follows:

1. Dig the ditch right up to the well head, 10 feet down

2. Dig the ditch 200 feet to where the reservoir would be buried

3. Dig a big hole for the 1700 gallon reservoir to be placed and buried for protection from damage and freezing.

4. Smooth off the bottom and sides of the hole and place the tank in the hole.

5. Lay the waterline and electrical line in the ditch and connect everything up together.

6. Fill up the reservoir tank and make sure all of the backflow preventions were in place and work well.

7. Once everything works as it should and passes the testing, cover the pipe with sandy soil.  Then finish covering up the ditch and smooth off the top.


There is more to do as you can see from the ditch and the tank.  We are at step #4, and the well guy will be here this next week to verify the installation and finish the connections.  After all, it is 10 feet of digging if it is not right.  So if you have an expert in the area, it is well worth the peace of mind to have it double checked.


This is a short update on the farm water system.  It is great being up there!  I also wanted to share with you the “Welcome Home” bouquet we received, growing right next to the door of our small trailer.  I pressed the wrong button on my camera, so it is a 2 second video.  But the flowers were a nice suprise!  I am excited for my wife Heather to see them soon!


I hope that you are going to have a great labor day weekend here in the U.S., and I also wanted to share with you about one of the sales that Burpee is having:

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If you are ready for your fall gardening, it is always nice to save money.  We have been saving seeds already from our garden!

Today is a great day!


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