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I have heard this question a few times now, “Is Nature Real To You?”   as well as:  ” How Is Your Food Delivered To You?”.



This can be a difficult question to even acknowledge, especially since we as human beings, are part of Nature.  Through out History, Some Men have used the term:  “Conquering Nature” as   a description of the Life that they wanted to live.  “Be a Winner”, Make all of Earth submit to your will!  They have quoted books and philosphers as well as others that tell them what they want to hear, but let me ask this question to you again.


Is Nature Real to You?  Do you see the wonders and miracles that are around you every day?  What is your view of the Stars everynight when you go to bed?  How about the plants that are all around you and the building that you live in?   Over time,  which is stronger, the buildings or the Plants and animals that have been here since creation?  If we would work with Nature, and use the assests that are all around us, we can make a huge impact on our world.

We have seen some Massive Natural Disasters happen at an ever increasing frequency.  Many homes that were built in Danger zones for Flooding/Fire/Hurricane and Tornado’s have been destroyed and lost.

Droughts, Floods and Hurricanes as well as Tornado’s have hit all over the world.  Volcanos, Tsunami’s , etc.  These Natural events have been happening for many centuries.

Are we to fear nature?  No, but together we can understand it, and live in a manner that protects the life of the Earth and all that lives upon it. So the my answer to that question is Nature Real to Me?  Yes, it is very real and alive with many wonders and miracles and experiences to enjoy and share with one another.

This brings us to the second question,  Where does our food come from?

Where does your food come from?  It can come from many sources, however, which source provides the best nutrition criteria for you?

Organic gardens, Ecological gardens as well as Permaculture all are the best that man has been able to provide.  Then there are grocery stores, canned food, frozen food as well as de-hydrated foods, grown either locally or from a large conglomerate farm using “Modern Technology” to increase the output of the land.

Synthetic Oil for your motorized equipment (Car, Truck, Tractor, etc…) seems to be an improvement for lubricating the internal parts of the equipment.  However, I am just not convinced that Synthetically grown food has the same quality of fuel for our bodies. When I go to the local grocery store, the fruit and vegetables do not look nor taste like I remember as a young man.  Our Fruit came off the trees around us, the vegetables came from the garden or the local Truck farm and the milk came from a local dairy and delivered in recyclable glass containers.

Let me know what your experience is with your food source.  After all, You are what you Eat!



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