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We are preparing the farm for winter.  In Colorado at 8,600 feet elevation, winter can come early and unexpectedly.  It is a COLD hard fact.  As we are preparing to move up to the farm in a 5th wheel trailer, it was time to keep the trailer ready for the snow, relentless wind to prevent the water tanks from freezing.

Permaculture Principles

40 Acre farm View to the west


As you can see, the farm is very open to the elements


The neighbors come by to inspect the progress.  They approved!

The first step was to find a place near the greenhouse location to place the trailer.  Once that was done, we had to make sure that as we dig down 4 feet that none of the rain or snow runoff would accumulate around the trailer and make the ground muddy and soggy.  I was able to dig down a bit over 4 feet deep, and create a nice slope to allow the trailer to be easily placed in it new location.

trailer-dig-3-630The view from the Pad


The Ramp works well!  Ready for the Trailer.

Preparing for Winter Winds

Our plan is to add berms around the trailer location and then build a roof over the top of the trailer.   As the wind seems to come from all directions, depending upon the time of day, we will eventually plant trees in the berms to keep the wind directed above the trailer.  We are also finishing digging for the Greenhouse.

Greenhouse preparation for winter

As we will have some very severe cold and wind, the Greenhouse will be 20 feet deep at the north end and  4 feet deep on the south end.  We will be using berms all around the greenhouse which will also help protect the water cistern that we have buried 8 feet deep to protect from freezing.

The water line is buried 10 feet deep from the well head to the cistern.  Gotta love the cold weather areas!  But it is a lot better than getting surprises when you need some water.

I will be moving the trailer to its spot on wednesday, 16 October 2013.  I will share the picture in the next couple of weeks.

Water Systems Equipment Room

After the trailer is moved, we will be preparing the equipment room for the generators and the water system pump and pressure tank.  It will also be 10 feet deep and will be located next to the greenhouse.  We will create a root cellar in a room next to the water systems room also.

Preparation is part of a permaculture lifestyle.  If you would like to know more about permaculture principles and to find out if it is a life that you would like to live, we have written a book that explains 7 of the permaculture principles.

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