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Homesteading brings to mind visions of an abundant life full of nature, animals, family, and many new friends and neighbors.  A simple life that also challenges your ability to adapt, observe nature and learn how to live in an environment full of challenges.  A simple life that takes a lot of work, while at the same time, providing  many  great benefits.


Some of the benefits of homesteading are as follows:

  • Great exercise, no need to go to a gym to workout
  • Learning from nature by observing who and what lives on your property
  • Discovering what food already grows on the land that you can share with the animals that already live there.
  • Connecting with the earth as you create your vegetable garden
  • Discovering the abilities that you have to overcome challenges
  • The “on the job training” that gives you knowledge, skills and a  great home
  • The Joy of waking up to a beautiful sunrise knowing that This Day is a Present
  • Closer family relationships
  • Mechanical skills are honed and acquired
  • Animal husbandry skills are learned and applied

There are many more skills and benefits that you will learn and master.  But for me, the biggest benefit that I have acquired over the years is this:

An understanding of how much the Creator of our world loves us.

When I wake up in the morning, the sun is rising from the east I love to be outside.  As the sky changes from the darkness to light, the birds start singing and welcoming the day.   The Mountain sheep come down from the mountain when the sun hits the fields. They look at me and I tell them “Good Morning!” and I am filled with Peace with the present that I have been given to wake up in the middle of this amazing world.

View of the West from the 40 acre Farm

View of the West from the 40 acre Farm

Then, after feeding our farm animals, it is time to start taking care of those things that will provide the food for our family.   The natural food production systems, our relationships with our neighbors, people included, and the water that we share with all of those around us, these are all part of homesteading.


Many of you know that I use permaculture principles for our homestead.  It wasn’t until recently that I knew that the majority of the way we lived our lives incorporated permaculture principles.  It was just the way  I was taught how to grow a garden and to live my life.


Have I made mistakes over time?  Yes, many of them, but the great thing is that I have learned from my mis-takes.   In Hollywood, when they make a movie or a television show, the have many “Takes” before they get the movie or tv show right.  Then they can just show you the finished product.  In life, it is those “Bloopers” that I have learned much from.

Heart ache also comes with homesteading over the loss of your animal partners in life, as well as your human friends.  But all in all, it has and continues to be a journey of adventure, love and great rewards.

This is a life that I can not stay away from.  I love the challenges and the trials, once they are over.  I learn from each one, and as I have a great network of family, friends and experts in this chosen lifestyle, I believe that we are truly living an abundant life living on this world that is full of abundance.

Yes, as I observe the world around me, I know in my mind, heart and soul that this world is without a doubt Created by Our Creator for us to enjoy and prosper.  We have the choice to live in abundance.

As you embark upon your journey in Homesteading, may you enjoy the entire experience as you grow and prosper through your preparations.

Today is a Great Day!

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