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What is my understanding of Nutrition?



When most of us read or talk about nutrition, we just talk about our food diet.  But nurturing is complete nutrition.   The online Merrium-Webster dictionary shares this definition of nurture:

  1. Training, Upbringing
  2. Something that Nourishes
  3. The sum of the environmental factors influencing the behavior and traits expressed by an organism
  4. Help (something or someone) to grow, develop, or succeed
  5. To take care of (someone or something that is growing or developing) by providing food, protection, a place to live, etc.
  6. To hold (something, such as an idea or a strong feeling) in your mind for a long time
  7. To supply with nourishment
  8. Educate
  9. Foster to further the development


Our education is nutrition for our mind as well as our spirit.  Understanding how the world works and how to nurture it is critical to a happy healthy life.   What part of our world and everyone, everything is not part of our life?  I wrote a poem many years ago, and it has driven me to want to understand “What is our world”?

What Are The Benefits Of Living A Self Sustainable Life?

“The Earth is not just a piece of ground

It is all we see, all around

The air we breathe, the soil we till

Water of Life, Bugs and more

Living, breathing, Earth is our world

So complex, but simple too

We must understand that health is all up to you


We live and we tread and live our lives, not really knowing the mysteries

Of what is inside.  Our neighbors who love far away and close by, we are all connected underneath the same sky.

So nurture your neighbor, whether 4 legged or 2.  Crawlers, swimmers,  fliers and those living inside of you too.


There is so much unseen that makes us complete, we live in abundance, no need to compete.  More than enough for all to enjoy, Love one another and nurture each one.   That is what life is, as taught by the Son and all of my mentors on this Journey as One. “

Chris Downs  2014©


How do we nurture ourselves and our each other


There is a story about busy Minnesota honey bees. These busy bees were moved to a warmer climate. The bees were accustomed to the challenging Minnesota winter and their internal body clocks operated in harmony for a peaceful life. The bees were bought by a man who transported them to a tropical island. WOW what a change. Their internal body clocks were set to four distinct seasons and all of a sudden the bees were sunning themselves in a non-stop tropical environment. The bees did not know how to act. They produced honey for a winter that never came. They became upset, agitated and downright unhappy. Eventually they became lazy in their duties and their production reduced until it was next to nothing. Void of their inherent drives, the bees in their frustration and irritation spent their time attacking the neighborhood and became a great nuisance.

What does this have to do with nutrition?  Great question, we all have our own passion and purpose.  We have talents that we are very good at and that nurture us.

But sometimes, we are told by others what we should do or become.  But does this really nurture us or the world we live in?

Just as those bees had lived very productive lives where they were born and lived for generations, they did not adapt well to their new environment.  They knew how to live where they were born, but struggled to live where life was too easy for them.

Native Aboriginal people share permaculture principles  that show us how to live with nature as it has been created and evolved to live abundantly.  Eating food grown locally allows us to adapt and live with the environment where we live.  

The Aboriginal people on every continent have the knowledge of what plants are good for food and which ones are for medicine.  Generations of that understanding comes from observing the animals and seasons.  Taking the time to understand and learn about your local environment nurtures you also.

Homesteading successfully also comes from observing, learning from neighbors, mentors and nature in your area.   Whenever I move to a new area, I always do my best to discover who can tell me the history of the area.  Seasons, plants, animals, natural growing food and herbs are an abundant resource in nurturing a life that will bring our families optimum health and happiness.


What is your understanding of Nutrition


Now that I have shared by understanding of nutrition, I would like to hear what it is that nurtures you.  How do you feed your Mind, Body and Soul?  What foods do you eat?  What do you create?  Who do mentor and share your passion with?

What do you do with your “Extra Time”?  Are you learning new skills, playing music, teaching others what you have learned about growing a garden, working on equipment and what wonders exist where you live? 

What have you observed about the plants and animals on your land or in your area?  Each day is a new adventure, a new present to open up and enjoy the gift of our nurturing world.


I hope that today you take the time to consider what nurtures your body, your mind and your spirit.  I would love for you to share with us your passion.  Please leave a comment below.  

We have been asked to share our experiences with others, and have decided to consult on a limited basis those who are Homesteading or starting a small scale farm.  If you are one of the people who have asked for this help, send me an email and we can see if it would be a good fit.


Today is  a Great Day


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