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Have you gone to a local farm or equipment auction lately?  We were at  my first auction on over 2 decades.  An auction in a rural area is completely different than what I remembered during my younger days.  We ended up meeting neighbors and saving money.


When we arrived at the auction site, an open field beside the highway, this looked more like a carnival than an auction.  Yes, there was lots of equipment, but there was also horse tack, Clothes, Case memorabilia, tools, generators, tools still in their packaging, grinders and so much more!

There was even a nice food vendor for those who needed to eat.  Since we were 2 miles to the nearest town, leaving was not an option.  We did not want to miss anything for our first auction in our new community.



Equipment versus Animal Auctions

I went to  animal auctions in high school as well as a farm manager.  As a manager for a thoroughbred breeding farm, there was lots of hope and stress at the animal auctions.   The entire years profit came from that one auction.  Was my training and care good enough to bring in a fair value for the animals?  Just like anything, it is supply and demand.

Equipment auctions were not something our family or neighbors went to.  There were too many unknowns about the equipment and their condition.  However, there is the hope of getting a great deal on a serviceable truck, tractor or other tool for the farm or business.

The Auction at Hartsel

The parking for the auction was in the field.  When we walked past the barriers, we could see the well groomed rows of trucks, cars, trailers and more.  The food venue was right by the portable outhouses.  I do not know how many acres of equipment there was, but at least 20 by my guestimation.



Let the Fun begin!

The Auctioneers started the auction right on time, and they had 2 auctioneers on 2 separate trailers.  One for tack and western art, the other for tools, grills and “surprises”.   A young boy was one of the auctioneers for the horse being auctioned off as well as the tack and artwork.  He did a great job and even did some more auctioneering toward the end of the event.

This was truly a Family Event!

Arrived early to see the equipment

Small tools and food was abundant!

There was a Mobile Auctioneers booth

Lots of people looking for the “Right Item” for their needs.  We met some great people.

People were friendly and openly sharing their lives and experiences with Auctions.  While we were observing the process of how to bid properly, we met lots of new neighbors and made some friendships.

We needed a flatbed farm truck.  Only two for sale.  We decided to see if we could find a good price for a regular diesel powered truck and then change out the bed to a flat bed.

The Black Ford truck sold for only $2,500. It is very road worthy, good shape  and a 7.0 Diesel engine.  We missed the opportunity to bid on it by 2 seconds, literally.  I learned to be better prepared.  The Dodge was beat up, the engine had oil all over it.  The Dodge sold for over $6,000.  We could have purchased a nice flatbed for the Ford and had a great farm truck.


1997 F250 Diesel Truck Sold for $2,500

There were some great deals on used as well as New Trailer!  A very nice trailer donated to the local Fire Department sold for only $1,000.   Flatbed and car haulers sold for less than I expected.  Some items sold for more than what you could have purchased at the store, but you don’t get entertained at the store either.

The Auction was Truly a Great Day!

At the end of the auction, they had a raffle for those of us who stayed the entire time.  They gave out a total of $200.  There were 2 top prizes of $50.  I won one of the $50 prizes!!  That more than paid for the knee pads and tools I bought.  I had to make sure my wife Heather got an anniversary present!

People living on farms tend to like to talk, usually the only ones that listen are the animals that they take care of.  I know this from not seeing people for days.  I end up talking to the Mountain Sheep, Crows, Mountain Bluebirds, Antelope and all of the other neighbors that fly, crawl, have 4 legs or tunnel underground.

I believe we are living an old Country song:  “Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam and the Deer and the antelope play”   What a great neighborhood we have!!!

To find out more about auctions and share your experiences, please share in the comment sections.  We would love to answer questions, hear your stories and enjoy the time you  remember about equipment and farm/ranch auctions.  



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