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Many books, magazines and television specials tell you how to live the life you want.   But do they really know the life you want to live?



You are the Sculpture Creating the Life you want.


When you decided on the life you wanted to live, did you plan for it, or did it just happen?   For me, I excelled in working with horses and on farms when I was in Jr. High and High School.  I was content.  Going to the Student counselor for our mandatory “Career Counseling” session was an experience.  How about you?  Being told that I have to choose a career and that working for someone else would be my best option.

My parents suggested an electronics school that I had been recruited to go to sounded acceptable,but it meant moving to Phoenix, Arizona, a big city.  Not the life I wanted to live.  Plus, would I be stuck indoors all of the time?   I love being outside.  My Father had been in the Navy and my brother in law just came back from Vietnam.

Everyone was telling me what I should do, as well as the life that would be best for me.  On my brother in laws advice, I chose the Navy.  I was outside quite a bit of the time, but I ended up being on submarines.  Really locked inside for months on end.  Not even a screen door!



Lessons I learned from working with others

  • I like to learn new skills and work with my hands
  • I like to trouble shoot and repair many different things
  • I enjoy meeting new people and discovered that what the “rumor” was about people and cultures was never true.  Most people I met love being outdoors, eating great food and sharing their story.
  • If you love animals, growing food and smile, even in stressful situations, sharing your love for life is contagious.
  • I learned that I enjoy helping other people in many different ways.
  • Working on a fire department is tough and rewarding
  • Building and owning a store and restaurant is a LOT of work to be successful
  • Not knowing what I wanted to do or enjoy kept me from being fulfilled, at peace and joyful.


Discovering and Planning the  Life that you Want.


After getting Married, my Wife Heather and I planned out our future.  We drew plans for the farm that we wanted

  • Complete with a runway, Hangar, and maintenance facilities.  (Of course I had to put this first!)
  • Must be self sufficient for water, food and power.
  • large 4 acre garden
  • Home that allows for people to come, stay and recover from the stress of living in the city
  • Have the property pay for itself
  • Have a restaurant (Biker Bob’s Breakfast Bizarre that only serves lunch)
  • Train interns and help others learn how to live sustainable lives
  • Live to have more by having less
For us, we still have these plans 30 years later.  We live off grid and continue to grow toward our vision and goals.


The List we follow to get to where we want to be:

  • Spend time reading history and about the land, Listen
  • Read, play, listen to others generously
  • Eat nutritious food
  • Ensure you get All of the nutrition you need (Physical, Emotional and Spiritual)
  • Surround yourself with mentors and people who have the same dream
  • Give a hand to others
  • Do not be afraid to make mis-takes (I learn from them all of the time)
  • You do not have to buy new equipment
  • Hire some jobs done, it will save a lot of time and money
  • Keep your vision alive
  • As you meet new people, rejoice in their journey and their dreams
  • Take action on a daily basis, even if the action is to rest and recover
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously (that one took me some time)
  • Bend, soften stubbornness (my lesson) bring determination into balance with humility
  • Forgive
  • Ask for and accept help
  • Give help
  • Save 10%, Give 10% and live on the rest.
  • Learn new skills (be teachable)
  • Teach those skills to others
  • Love your neighbor and yourself
  • Be Calm even in an emergency (ask Heather)
  • Don’t be stuck on the path to how you will get to the life you want, enjoy the changes in your plans that get you there
  • Walk softly on the land
  • Protect your soil, water and nature so that you and generations can enjoy it also
  • When a challenge arises, Know that this too shall pass

As my Friends and chosen family Chief Robert and Terri TallTree share:

“You Create the life you want and have by the Three Arrows of Power”

  1. The thoughts you think
  2. The Words you Speak
  3. The Actions You Take



“When you are up to your chest in water, clear the culvert”


We have been greatly blessed by so many people.  I hope that these tips that I have learned, sometimes the hard way will smooth the road for your Journey.


Today is a Great Day

Chris Downs