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What does Organic Gardening and Farming Mean? provided this definition :

Organic Agriculture  

Organic agriculture originated as a response to a growing awareness that the  health of the land is linked to the health and future of the people. It is a  holistic and philosophical approach to agriculture, which has as its goals the  protection and conservation of the land for future generations, the production  of high-quality food, the return to many traditional agricultural methods, and  the harmonious balance with a complex series of ecosystems. Land, water, plants,  animals, and people are all seen as interlinked and interdependent.

So How does that affect you and your lifestyle and your health?  Have you ever heard the Saying:  “You Are What You Eat”?

 The Meaning of Organic Gardening and Farming

There have been many “Organic” labels tossed around, and it can be confusing.  Let me ask you this though.  If it has “just a few” chemicals in the mix to eradicate pests, is it still Organic?

Here is my answer:  Does it appear in nature without manmade changes, and would you be willing to put it in your mouth or that of your children?  So for me, No is the Answer.  If you are going to add something that does not work with nature and the way that Heals the Land and your bodies as well, I can not in my own mind call it Organic.

Growing up, I went to a Catholic school for 4 years.  I enjoyed being outside when we the entire school would go to the pond and mini-park nearby.  We would all form a circle around the pond and pray for our Nation and our leaders.  It was the time of the cuban missile crisis and we were doing our part to be thankful for all that God has created for us.  I remember that time well, because of the beauty of the park and how it smelled with all of the flowers in bloom, The berries that we could pick and eat, as well as the ducks in the water, probably scared of us all since they were surrounded. It was always a peacful time.  Yes, Even during all of  the other “stuff” going on with duck and cover and the regular “Danger ” Siren tests on a regular basis.

The danger part just never seemed real.  Grown-ups seemed to fear things that they could not see, and that made no sense to me.  Kind of funny, strange, that I ended up in the Navy years later on a Submarine doing the same thing.  At that time, we all still practiced organic gardening in our homes.

So how does that little side trip fit into what is Organic Gardening and Farming?  Everything.  If it is not real, it should not be a part of my life, nor should I consume it or pass it on.

I was taught in school, that Man was given dominion over all of the Earth.  To take care of and nurture it as well as all of the life that lives here.  I heard this saying quite a few times: ” I have had many tragedies in my life, but most of them only occured in my mind.”  I believe that it was Mark Twain, but please correct me if I am wrong.”  I have found this to be true for me also.  I have heard of too many “what if'” questions that  were either asked ot placed in my brain to make me fear  the outcome of trying new things.

Organic Gardening and Farming, a Life that feeds you and your family, fills you up with great fuel, and keeps the land and nature humming along continuously improving and expanding in wealth.  That is What Organic Gardening and Farming means to me.  It takes courage to live the life you desire and have a passion for.  May you live the life that makes you happy and helps others along the way.

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