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Battery Maintenance and reconditioning is one of the best ways to save money for both vehicles and Solar Power systems.


As I have shared about Solar Power batteries before, they can be expensive to purchase and if neglected, can be destroyed with dead cells, if not properly maintained.   We had 3 frozen batteries in the system we inherited when we first moved to the farm.

We eventually purchased 3 new batteries, but did find a way to recondition the 2 batteries that did not have a dead cell.

The Batteries we have are 6 volt deep cycle batteries.


putting the power cables back on after cleaning the connections-660


New, the batteries are between $230 and $399 each, depending upon the company, quality and the store where you purchase them from.

We had decided to try recondition the batteries we had that were dead or near dead.


Not all batteries can be reconditioned due to internal problems, but most can.   I have been looking for a way to share with you my experiences with this journey, but not all materials or courses and training I purchased worked.  So to share with you what can work, if you follow the directions, is the most current source for battery reconditioning and maintenance I have found.


The name of the course is: How To Recondition Batteries At Home + Bonus.  You can click on the link if you want to watch the video and decide for yourself if it is something that you would like to learn and implement.


There is a learning curve if you choose to get the training.  If you do, I will make a small commission from the sale.  I do know that if you take the time and effort to learn and follow the directions, that it will work for you.


With Winter coming, now is the best time to make sure your batteries are ready for the colder weather.  If you are not ready to do it yourself,  have your local auto parts store of service station check your car and battery to be prepared.


Today is a good day!


Chris Downs