Fish out front, produce out back

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Building Confidence happens one project, one job and one moment at a time.  Having a Mentor?  Priceless

Sometimes things do not always go the way you want

There have been times when I knew that the job may not be much fun at the time, but the lessons I learned and implemented in my life ended up becoming priceless.

When you have a dream and a passion for creating your dream life, you start the process of networking with others that have similar goals and dreams.


Building Confidence is a major part of growth


In the beginning of my Journey I was not always as confident in my ability to create the life I wanted. I am still working on that dream today, but I have more confidence in my dream becoming reality. The secret I have discovered is this: Confidence and Commitment to that dream.

 Farmers can succeed

I have many dreams, but living a sustainable life surrounded by others who have the same desire to serve is what motivates and invigorates me. One of the challenges in the past has been the funding of some of our larger dreams. We started working with a marketing company that pays us well for helping others to become healthy, happy and financially stable. I have prayed and asked for help and many blessings have come our way. We continue to meet some Amazing people, who have helped us grow our confidence levels as we continue to work to help others build their sustainable farms, homes or estates.  We do not do this by ourselves, but we have many mentors, friends and chosen family members who help guide us to become who we desire to be and do.

We are offering a 20 minute conversation with you for free,we will not be trying to sell you anything,  If you would like some help refining your dreams and goals, click here. Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the request for a strategy session.   As mentors who desire to help you see your dream life unfold, we want to have a conversation with you to see if we would be a fit to help you on your Journey.  Building Confidence together, we all grow toward our goals.

As my Native Elders share with me continually: ” Everyone is connected to each other and to God it’s when one opens their Heart to this unconditional love that they begin to serve everyone, it is your Birthright and Mine”

This service is my way of opening my Heart to you.    Today is a Good Day!

Living on a private Island

Thank you for being a blessing, it brings me joy to do the same.

Chris Downs

The Caretaker