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Old Donkey mows and fertilizesThis Last Year has Proven that Self sufficiency depends upon the relationships you Grow.   I have been blessed to travel to St. Croix, V.I.  twice this last year.  I have found an Island that many believe is poor without much hope.

However, I was met by many people who have called me brother and friend from the moment we met.   Going to the Farmers Market on Saturday was Awesome!   It was there that I found those who are not only learning about hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aeroponics and Permaculture that are providing fresh Local food.


Colorado Growing

Here in Colorado, we have always been researching and studying to add profitable items to greenhouse and our home.  In the house, Rick has added this tower Aeroponics system to start plants using organic heirloom seeds and compost tea.


Grow indoors in a window at home

I must apologize for being slack in posting and sharing as my wife had become ill and needed my undivided attention.  With the help of a Naturopathic, PA from a MD doctor as well as nutrition help from both of them she is regaining her health and has regained the majority of weight back that she has lost.

Profitable Small Scale Farming and Sustainability

I have found that the most profitable type of small scale farming, is that which provides nutrient dense food for the customers, neighbors and relatives that we serve.

Self-sustainability comes from serving others with what they need and want to obtain the health they want to achieve.   It is true for myself, my chosen family and those whom I serve.

Grit magazine has and continues to not only be a great resource for me, but so do different MD doctors whom I have met and believe in nutrition and exercise.

Listening and Hearing what your garden and farm plants need

Growing up and while managing different farms, I have found that Veterinarians have the best focus and ability to be in the present moment to “listen” to their patients.   Speaking with people about their health and desires for great organic food has brought me back to those skills I learned on how to listen with both my eyes, ears and feelings.  That is the way to grow the relationships with the customers that will allow you to become “Self Sufficient” in your farming business.

I have learned over the years that Honesty, Integrity and Value production is what brings and keeps customers coming back for more of what you produce, as well as recommending your products for healthy living.

What do I need to know about Growing Tomato Plants in Hot Weather?

Nothing has tasted better or created more joy and confidence in ourselves and our customers than sharing the food samples directly from the vine or garden bed.

We will be sharing more as we come into spring!   I also want to say thank you and tell you how grateful I am for all of your emails and replies from you as you grow your own food and start your journey to becoming a Profitable small scale farm.

Please let me know how I may be of help as you continue to grow and nurture your dream life!


Chris Downs