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CSA Haul the First

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I have planted all of these  organic vegetables in my house.  Now some questions come to mind:

What do I do with it?

Can I sell it?

Do I use it to Barter?

Do I give it to friends?

The Answer is Yes to all.   The best ways to use your Organic vegetables, is not only on what you want, but what others need also.  You can ask your friends and family join in with you,  and share with  all of the work, and then you could compensate  them.

Also  there is a movement called CSA.  But what the heck is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA is one way to start your business in Gardening or Farming and take the majority of the risk out of your hands.   If your growing vegetables for business, then you need to  follow the rules of the local, State and federal governments.

How exactly does CSA work?  It is a relationship between farmers and community members who pay annual membership fees to help cover the production costs of the farms. In return for being a member, individuals and families receive a weekly “share” of the farm’s production during the growing season.

You can scale this as you are growing your business, or even have it be a group effort and have people volunteer.  It is up to you on whether or not it is a business, Community Shared endeavor, or even a not for profit Organic Vegetable Garden for you and your Friends and Family.  It is a fun and legal way to get your food at a lower price.  Plus you control how you fertilize, and how you get rid of bugs and pests.

As you grow your soil and your harvest increases, then you can increase what you do with your bounty.  Many Women have started small gardens then ramped it up after learning the local growing seasons and experimenting with what will grow and when.  The other item to consider is what foods do your partners want from the “Farm”?

Other things you can do with organic vegetables

  • You can grow organic vegetables to help others with Heart Health, Cholesterol, Eye sight, Colon Health, and Anti-Toxins.  The main thing is to take Action!  You never know who or how you may make  lives you may impact for the better.
  • Your can sell your organic vegetables to restaurants that want to serve fresh, fantastic tasting produce and vegetables in your local area.
  •  The excess organic vegetables can go to your friends and family, or go to help someone whose house may have been damaged and all of their food has spoiled and no longer edible.

Helping others while becoming successful

Also you should allow others to show you their gratitude by giving you money or other items that allow you to continue to grow your Organic vegetables or Organic Farm.  This money will allow you to buy the  equipment you need to help you till the soil, and if you don’t want to take money you can trade instead!

So if you need organic, non-treated wood for your beds in a raised bed garden, trade for that.

The great thing about gardening and farming, is the relationships that you form and build.  Not only with people, but the animals around you that help keep your plants free from pests, but also your relationship with the land and Our Creator.


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Enjoy your journey, ask your questions, and you will receive the answers that you need and want to help you become a Successful Caretaker of your Land and Relationships.

Chris Downs