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Out of the Mouths of children come some of the best questions that have ever  been asked.  Click on the link above and see for yourself what some of the different Organic (Grocery Store Organic) Versus Whole Organic Foods sell you!

So how do you feel about GMO?  (Genetically Modified Organisms)  A genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetically engineered organism (GEO) is an organism whose genetic  material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.

Can it affect your Health?  Your Heart? Your ability to have a healthy digestive system?  I am going to let you decide for yourself.

If you have to take drugs to counteract the effects of altered fuel for your body you just might say YES!  Lets take a look at what we are buying in the stores, and the cost of not purchasing food that will fuel your body to Health.

Would you put Diesel in your gas powered cars fuel tank and expect it to run properly?  Not really, different fuel for a different engine.  I once worked at a place where they mis-labled the fuel cans and I put diesel in the lawn mower.  What was the outcome?  Smelly exhaust, but the mower ran poorly and I was able to run the entire tank through the engine, since it was already hot.  Once I went to fill it up again, it would not run again.

So what does this have to do with Potato’s?  Well, Vegetables provide fuel for our bodies.  Proper fuel keeps your body healthy and helps get rid of toxins during the digestive process.

Do you really want to add a bunch (pun intended) of contaminants to your body to stress it out?  Believe me, there is a lot more stress already in our lives now than we need.

If you are older like me,  You may remember growing up with fruit trees all around in your neighborhood, yes, even in the city.  I grew up in the northwest for a few years in Spokane, Washington.  Our neighbors had a plum tree that always produced so much fruit that the ground would be full of them if it was not picked on a regular basis.

One time I think we tried to eat all of the fruit on the ground before it went bad.  I got a stomach ache, and soon discovered what the term “regular” meant.


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I continued to eat the plums until we moved, and we alway bought our fruit from the farmer who grew it.  Always fesh and juicy. One of my favorites was the oranges.  My favorite.  I have not found many that are that way since.  Maybe I have to move to a warmer climate and grow our own.

Any way,  Think about your own experiences with organic food.  What is your favorite food, and how was it grown?  Tell us your story, and lets find the growers, or become the growers that produce the fuel that not only tastes great, but produces the Perfect Fuel for our bodies.

Remember, You are Totally Awesome, because that is the way you are created!