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For me,  good indoor plants are ones that are easy to care for. They do not need a lot of direct sunlight and still maintain their foliage. I like the dark green plants better than the lighter green ones for inside because of the lower light requirements.

If you look at the picture of the Areca Palm attached, it has continuously flourished and provided many surprises throughout its life.

This makes it one of the good indoor plants in my opinion. We have had this plant in our house for four years and it has quadrupled its width while only doubling in height.

I can take it outside to dappled light under the trees on the patio to add an extra measure of lushness. It is not a threat to our pets in any way other than them possibly using it as a hiding or cooling off place.

Then it can be FREAK OUT time because I can’t find them. I think it’s a good indoor plant because it makes me feel warmer in the winter because they remind me of the tropics.

There is also the addition of the freshening of the air in the house as they consume the Carbon Dioxide and provide fresh oxygen for us.It also creates an atmosphere of peace and calmness for our home.

When people come to visit, one of the first things that they will notice and comment about is the wood floor and the abundance of the good indoor plants in our house. They are everywhere you look. Not only near different furniture, but also wrapped around the racks that hold the dishes in the kitchen, in every corner and anywhere else there may be extra space.

Each plant holds a special memory, or has history to remind us of someone or some event in our lives. We have a plant that we had had since 1978. It has traveled with Heather all over the United States and survived many different climates. She received it as a house warming gift, and it has brought warmth and joy in a peaceful way since then.

We also like to give and receive plants as presents. Heather loves to take cuttings and start them in their own soil. Sometimes, when she gives them as gifts, it is as a piece of her has been passed onto the recipient to remind them of how much she appreciates them.

Birthdays, Marriages and going home from this world at the celebration of a life well lived have all been honored by good indoor plants. Yes, they can take a little bit of work, but they do complete the look and feel of the home.

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My favorite house plant is the chives and other herbs that we grow in our home. I do not believe that Heather counts Alfalfa sprouts as an indoor plant, because they do not last long enough to enjoy for too long as we enjoy eating them.

But all in all, what is a good indoor plant? It is one that brings you joy, peace and a sense of well being. With the fresh air shared by your plants, if you like it and it thrives for you.